Peniel Foundation Mentorship Program (PMP) 2019 for Youths with Disabilities in Africa

Peniel Foundation Mentorship Program (PMP) 2019 for Youths with Disabilities in Africa

Deadline: October 7, 2019

Applications are open for the Peniel Foundation Mentorship Program (PMP) 2019. The Peniel Mentorship Program is an e-mentoring program for youths with disabilities in Africa.

PMP will be matching youths with disabilities (Mentees) with highly skilled Professionals (Mentors) both with and without disabilities. The decision to operate with a blended system of skilled professionals stems from the vision of the organization which is an inclusive society. The program is for a period of 6 months with mentor-mentees meeting online at least 3 times a month throughout the period.


The objectives of the mentoring program are:

  • To help youths with disability attain their full potential through mentorship
  • Fostering inclusion through mentorship
  • Mindset Reorientation


  • Mentees
    • Peniel Mentorship Program aims to match Professionals (career/business) with youths with disabilities in the hope of raising career aspirations, business clarity and helping to improve their employability or start up their business venture with the right foundation.
    • In light of the under representation of youths with disabilities in Nigeria, PMP will assist the youths in realizing their potential.
    • PMP provides mentees access to a mentor, who will support them in achieving their goals that are connected to employment, entrepreneurship, educational achievement and civic engagement leadership.
    • They support mentees towards building their self-confidence, endurance and assist them towards their identified goals.
    • Mentees build experience and knowledge while providing opportunities.
    • The mentees will have access to supportive relationships that will allow them fulfill their potential.
  • Mentor
    • During mentorship programs, mentors’ benefits from the mentees relationship as well. By rendering support and assistance to a mentee, the mentor attains a sense of fulfillment and purpose that money can’t buy.
    • PMP will help Mentors learn about the capabilities of persons with disabilities. The mentors are learning about themselves and mentors without disabilities are learning about disability from a practical and not theoretical perspective.
    • Mentors receive a signed PMP e-certificate


  • Mentee
    • Applicant must be a person living with disability
    • Applicant must be 18-40 years
    • Must be Nigerian
    • Must have a device with internet connection for the period of the program
    • Ambitious and willing to act on action plans, agreed with your mentor
  • Mentor
    • An interest in being a mentor
    • Mentor should possess a recognized qualification in their field
    • Mentor should have an up to date industry and subject knowledge
    • Recognized by colleagues as a practitioner
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Would love to mentor a youth living with disabilities


For more information, visit Peniel Mentorship Program.