P4G Partnership Fund 2020 for Public-private Partnerships with Innovative Projects (up to USD 1 million)

P4G Partnership Fund 2020 for Public-private Partnerships with Innovative Projects (up to USD 1 million)

Deadline: November 14, 2019

Applications are open for the P4G Partnership Fund 2020. P4G is seeking to fund and support public-private partnerships with innovative projects in developing countries. These projects should be aimed at bettering the social, environmental and economic status of the communities (local to global) in which they work.

P4G Partnerships include civil society, private and public-sector organizations who are working together to advance innovative and commercially viable project(s) in at least one of these five SDG sectors: food and agriculture (SDG2), clean water (SDG 6), clean energy (SDG7), sustainable cities (SDG11) and circular economy (SDG12). The partners can come from any country, but their work must target green growth in developing countries, with an emphasis on qualifying P4G partner countries. P4G accelerates, funds and recognizes partnerships to help grow and achieve systems change impact.


  • Partnerships can apply for start-up funding of up to USD 100,000 or scale-up funding of up to USD 1 million for projects in five Sustainable Development Goal areas: food and agriculture; water; energy; cities and the circular economy.


  • Partnership activities focus on one or more of P4G’s five target Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (2); Clean Water and Sanitation (6); Affordable and Clean Energy (7); Sustainable Cities and Communities (11); Responsible Consumption and Production (12)
  • The partnership is in either the start-up or the scale-up phase of development, past the initial concept development phase.
  • Partnership activities benefit Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and/or Vietnam (required for start-ups; strongly preferred for scale-ups).
  • The partnership is led by a non-commercial organization, has at least one commercial or private sector partner, and will be able to secure support from a relevant government entity.
  • The partnership’s work is “additional” to what is already happening or what would naturally happen in the marketplace.
  • The partnership must be designed to overcome financial, institutional, operational, or other critical barriers to meeting the SDGs with an innovative, scalable, and commercially viable solution.


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Application Webinar: Join on Thursday, October 3 at 9am and 9pm EDT to hear from members of P4G Team about the 2020 application process. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain the insight directly from those reviewing the partnership applications. Both webinars will follow the same format, and they will make a recording available after the date has passed. Click here to register for the webinar.

For more information, visit P4G Partnership.