Grandiose Marketing Internship Program 2019 for Young Talents – Dubai, UAE

Grandiose Marketing Internship Program 2019 for Young Talents – Dubai, UAE

Deadline: October 19, 2019

Applications are open for the Grandiose Marketing Internship Program 2019. The Program is aimed at attracting young talents in the field of Marketing. The Grandiose Internship Program is geared towards results. They are thrilled to work with graduates to make sure they help them achieve their learning objectives for the internship program, as well as allow them be part of the team delivering business results.

The Grandiose Internship Program is for the duration of 3 months, extendable to 6 months. They believe in the capabilities of young adult’s minds when given the appropriate space and guidance. Thus, they are working on creating a safe environment for them in which they take initiatives whilst being on the right track.


As intern you will:

  • Learn from experts is the field of marketing
  • Be mentored and coached by our seasoned experts
  • Take your learning to the next level by outing their knowledge in practical use
  • Be the best to be potentially selected to join the team permanently within Grandiose or other Group Businesses
  • Take a trip to France, all-expense paid trip, to visit the lntermache for the 2 top interns during the 4th month for further development
  • All interns will be given an Internship Certificate of Completion and employment references
  • Complimentary Meals and Transportation, monthly allowance for the duration of the internship


The ideal candidate would need to:

  • Be a fresh graduate in Marketing, multimedia or graphic design
  • Be someone who is excited to learn, be creative and be part of a team to make great things happen
  • Candidates need to be on fathers’ visa or spouse sponsorship.


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For more information, Grandiose Marketing Internship.