4 Great Career Options You Can Consider with an Engineering Degree

4 Great Career Options You Can Consider with an Engineering Degree

Today’s high-tech world may seem like it’s a given, but a plethora of advances and techniques have led us to this point. Without qualified professionals who understand the complexities of science and mathematics, we’d never enjoy even half of the amenities we often take for granted on a daily basis.

There’s arguably no better example of science and mathematics intertwining than in the world of engineering. Tasked with creating virtually every structure and product you come into contact with, engineers are invaluable resources that won’t be disappearing from the job market any time soon.

As such, let’s examine 4 great career options you have available if you decide to pursue an engineering degree.

Before You Work…

In order to work as a licensed and professional engineer in any field, you must first pass what is known as the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination. This exam verifies that you have a comprehensive understanding of the basics of engineering and can be trusted with a variety of unique engineering projects. There are plenty of resources online to help you prepare for the FE exam.

Civil Engineering

One career path in engineering that has been in demand since the dawn of civilization is civil engineering. These professionals focus on the construction of roads, bridges and vital forms of infrastructure. From the aqueducts of ancient Rome to the most advanced infrastructures in modern existence, civil engineers work alongside public and private sector agencies to ensure optimal design and performance.

If you’ve ever looked up at a large dam, bridge or other awe-inspiring construction with wonder, then a career in civil engineering may be the right career option for you.

Petroleum Engineering

Energy extraction is one of the most fundamental components of our modern day-to-day lives. Without the ability to extract raw resources from the earth, most technologies and behaviors we take for granted wouldn’t be possible. One of the best-paying fields in engineering is petroleum engineering, which relates to this vital form of resource extraction.

Petroleum engineers (for more engineering jobs see Rigjobs)  provide assistance in crafting new and advanced methods for extracting oil and gas from beneath the earth’s surface. Sometimes from above ground and sometimes under water, these engineering marvels continue to advance as the ability to find easy oil and gas deposits declines with each year. Petroleum engineers often work long hours, but the pay makes such a toil well worth the effort.

Computer Engineering

Every major component of today’s economy and society is connected via one or more advanced forms of computer technology. From the money we spend at local stores to the traffic lights that keep drivers safe, computer engineering is one of the most in-demand forms of engineering for good reason.

Computer engineers come in a variety of specialties: from those tasked with aiding in professional software development for major corporations, to those who help design the latest line of video games, computer engineers program many essential components that fuel entertainment and business alike.

Biomedical Engineering

Paving the way for the cures and treatments of the future, biomedical engineering combines a variety of complex techniques to produce better medicine, medical equipment and nanotechnology-based solutions. Incorporating elements of traditional engineering with biology and medicine, biomedical engineers are responsible for designing everything from advanced MRI machines to miniature drug delivery systems.

The most common areas of employment for biomedical engineers are medical equipment manufacturing and scientific research, but plenty of others also work in hospitals, pharmaceutical environments and even as educators.

With so many career options for budding engineers, choosing just one can seem like a challenge. For those seeking to establish their engineering careers in high-paying fields that offer plenty of long-term growth, the four engineering options above are excellent choices to pursue with an engineering degree.

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