Studying In Rotterdam: What a Foreign Student Should Know

Studying In Rotterdam: What a Foreign Student Should Know

Rotterdam is a historical city in the Netherlands with top-class higher institutions like the Erasmus University. Rotterdam welcomes scholars from different parts of the world. It is recorded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world with individuals from more than 160 nations.

Studying abroad as a foreign student could be challenging and at the same time fun. You would have to move to an entirely different environment that you possibly haven’t visited before, meet different people and different cultures and lifestyles. Studying in a popular city such as Rotterdam would be a lifetime experience. As a foreign student who wants to study in Rotterdam, you need to know the following.

Five Things to Know As a Foreign Student

  1. You Can Get Your Accommodation Covered:

Accommodation is one major thing you may consider while moving to a new environment even as a student. Rotterdam is a very student-friendly city with lots of foreign students. It is also densely populated but you can always find amazing student apartments in Rotterdam that would suit your taste and budget.

  • Decide On The Course To Study:

You are a student. Before considering applying to study in Rotterdam, you must have decided on the course you desire to study. There are amazing higher institutions in Rotterdam like the great Erasmus University which offers varying courses in different fields such as degree programs in International Business, Economics and econometrics, Arts and culture, Communication and media, History, Psychology, Liberal arts and sciences, Philosophy, Management of social challenges. The higher institutions also have top-notch facilities and professional tutors. Rotterdam is popular for its expertise in fields like Architecture and others.

  • Get Everything You Will Need:

Yes, everything you would need as a student. You would have to attend lectures so you would need your lecture kit. You would need clothes, toiletries, bed and kitchen items, etc. You can also sign up for some special offers with discounts for students. That would help you settle quickly without stress.

  • Get Adequately Informed:

As a foreign student, arm yourself with adequate and relevant information about schooling in Rotterdam. The right information would save you from so much unnecessary stress. You need to learn about all the benefits associated with your visa. You also need to learn about the insurance options available like your health insurance or those against damage or theft.

  • You Can Get In The Flow Easily:

Rotterdam is a very busy place. If you are the party or the sport type, Rotterdam has got you covered and if you are not, you do not need to worry. There are other extracurricular activities in Rotterdam. You can also check out the amazing city and enjoy the beauties of Rotterdam with the many transport means. You can use trains, buses, cars or rented bicycles.

Studying in Rotterdam is a great opportunity. Rotterdam welcomes you for a life-changing experience. You would not regret being a foreign student in the city.

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