Call for Nominations: Al-Sumait Prize 2020 for Education in Africa ($1,000,000 USD prize)

Call for Nominations: Al-Sumait Prize 2020 for Education in Africa ($1,000,000 USD prize)

Deadline: June 30, 2020

Nominations are invited for the Al-Sumait Prize 2020 for Education in Africa. The Prize is to be awarded to individuals or institutions who through their research projects or initiatives have made significant advancement to economic and social development in Africa.

The area for the 2020 prize is Education. Research projects or initiatives must have made significant advancement within one or more of the following areas of Education on the African Continent:

  • Improving people’s access to basic education, vocational & training programs and/or higher education.
  • Improving literacy among all members of society.
  • Decreasing the dependence of children’s education on the socio-economic status of their parents.


  • The prize has a value of $1,000,000 USD.


  • The nominated candidates’ research work or projects and initiatives must be innovative and must have achieved high-impact in line with international standards for the prize.
  • The submitted work must be of paramount importance in promoting significant economic, social, human resources and infrastructure development in the African continent within the announced field of the prize. Submitted research work of a nominated candidate should be composed of studies and applied research, published in peer-reviewed journals and recognized at a global level within the announced field. The research outcome needs to have been applied after publication in African countries within the past ten years. Adequate supporting evidence needs to be provided including collaboration with African and international NGOs and institutions.
  • Nominations are to be accepted from institutions and scientific centers (universities, institutes, and centers of scientific research) as well as from competent regional or international and UN organizations and awards and former winners in the field of the prize or former evaluation members. Self nominations are not acceptable
  • All submissions must be submitted in English. If the work is carried out in other working UN languages, a comprehensive summary of the nominated work in English must be submitted.


Fill in the prize application form and send it along with the scientific production works electronically in PDF format via CD, DVD, Flash Memory or via the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) Prizes Office email [email protected]

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