9 New Opportunities for Tackling COVID-19: APPLY!

9 New Opportunities for Tackling COVID-19: APPLY!

Do you have a ground-breaking idea to help fight the COVIDー19 outbreak? The world needs your solutions.

COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. With the increasing number of cases and deaths globally, there is an urgent need for solutions to tackle this pandemic. This is an opportunity for you to make a real impact.

Apply to one or more of these five global competitions.

1. Paris Peace Forum 2020 Call for Projects

Paris Peace Forum aims to bridge the global governance gap by supporting and complementing existing systems and picking up the slack when these institutions cannot act or when the solutions proposed are inadequate.

Do you have a project offering a concrete solution to tackle a global challenge? Come to the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum, from 11 to 13 November 2020 at la Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris, to present it.

Details: https://bit.ly/2WEy0XU
Deadline: May 12

2. IDEO COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge

IDEO is currently coordinating with global response authorities who want to make sure people have actionable, relevant information around COVID-19.

How might we rapidly inform and empower communities around the world to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak? Share your experiences to inspire global leaders.

Details: https://bit.ly/3boP4Fo
Deadline: March 31

3. MIT Solve’s Health Security & Pandemics Challenge (Win $10,000 grant)

MIT Solve is seeking tech innovations that can slow and track the spread of an emerging outbreak, for example by improving individual hygiene, developing low-cost rapid diagnostics, analyzing data that informs decision making, and providing tools that support and protect health workers.

Submit your solution.

Details: https://bit.ly/3dmWXNr
Deadline: June 18

4. Code Life Ventilator Challenge (CAD $200,000) prize)

This is a global innovation challenge, calling for teams to design a simple, low-cost, easy-to-manufacture and easy-to-maintain ventilator which could be deployed anywhere needed to save lives.

The goal of the challenge is to design a low-cost, simple, easy to use and easy to build ventilator that can serve COVID patients, in an emergency timeframe. It should be easy to build locally, must be easy to verify its functionality, and must meet the design requirements specified here.

Details: https://bit.ly/2QDX9xI
Deadline: March 31

5. Peace First COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants (up to $250 for projects)

Peace First launching a rapid response coaching and grant process to help young people around the world lead projects that address community impacts of COVID-19, from providing meals to elderly neighbors to launching digital mental health campaigns to support youth feeling isolated.

Details: https://bit.ly/2WvhZDf
Deadline: Ongoing

6. Health Research Board (HRB) COVID-19 Pandemic Rapid Response Funding Call (up to €200,000)

In response to the fast evolving COVID-19 pandemic, HRB in cooperation with the IRC, are launching a rapid response mechanism to fund research that will provide evidence for the national and global efforts to deal with the virus outbreak.

Details: https://bit.ly/39tJ7Wp
Deadline: April 9

7. SciLifeLab Call for COVID-19 related Proposals 2020 from Researchers in Sweden

Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) invites proposals from researchers nationwide with the hope to create a comprehensive program to combat the corona virus pandemic, short- or medium-term, directly or indirectly via scientific approaches.

Details: https://bit.ly/3dCx7oO
Deadline: March 30

8. IBM COVID-19 Call for Code Global Challenge 2020 (Win up to $200,000 cash prize)

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge is expanding its focus to tackle the effects of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. Technology solutions can help seize and reduce the impact this pandemic has on our daily lives. Now is the time to unite and act swiftly.

Details: https://bit.ly/2UCbuMx
Deadline: July 31

9. DPIIT/Startup India United Against COVID-19 Innovation Challenge 2020

As the world is currently looking at a serious healthcare challenge caused by the pandemic Covid-19, DPIIT with Startup India is scouting for innovative technologies and solutions for precautionary as well as treatment-related interventions.

Details: https://bit.ly/2Um61dZ
Deadline: March 29

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