OD Live with Courtney Gehle: How to Land a Job Interview – May 26, 2020

OD Live with Courtney Gehle: How to Land a Job Interview – May 26, 2020

You are invited to join OD Live with Courtney Gehle: How to Land a Job Interview.

Looking for a job can be a draining and altogether discouraging process. If you have applied severally and haven’t yet been called for an interview, it’s time you re-evaluate your application materials and procedures. Courtney Gehle will be sharing amazing tips on how you can set yourself apart and give yourself an edge over your competition to actually get to the interview stage.

The #ODLive series is part of our efforts to empower our users with the right knowledge and tips they need to grow and succeed in their businesses, projects, and applications for global opportunities.

About the Speaker:

Courtney Gehle is a driven South African change agent passionate about youth led sustainable development. She is the co-founder of ‘The Greenline’ a youth led environmental organisation and ‘The Better Tomorrow Movement’ an award winning social startup that works to help people create and scale social impact projects. After serving as a consultant to UNIDO, she joined Global Changemakers as their Communications Manager. Global Changemakers is an international youth organisation with a mission to support youth to create positive change in their communities through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.

She was one of eight young people selected to draft the Youth Resolution on Climate Change at the Paris Climate Negotiations in 2015. She was a finalist for the South African Eco-Youth award, was awarded South African Green Student of the Year and named a Global Changemaker in 2016. Was named one of sixteen Young Leaders for Development by the European Commission in 2017 and was named a Global Citizenship Young Leader by UNESCO in 2018.

Event Details

Topic: How to Land a Job Interview
Speaker: Courtney Gehle

Date: Tuesday, 26th May 2020
Time: 5:00pm WAT / 12:00pm ET / 4:00pm GMT

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