MWB-OD hosts 1st Career Accelerator Program 2020 on “Uncommon Purpose: Changing Mindset and Lifting Leaders”

MWB-OD hosts 1st Career Accelerator Program 2020 on “Uncommon Purpose: Changing Mindset and Lifting Leaders”

Momentswithbren and Opportunity Desk (MWB-OD) have partnered to launch a Career Accelerator Program for post-secondary students and professionals around the world. This is a week-long immersive professional development and career guidance program to prepare and position you for the global workplace.

MWB-OD Career Accelerator is an opportunity for youth to build skills, access tools, and achieve your goals for a successful academic and career life. The program aims to educate, empower, encourage, elevate and engage high-impact youth in meaningful ways that can launch them into their next academic and career development life. Through this program, participants will gain core career skills and unlock opportunities for their future professional success.

Momentswithbren and Opportunity Desk (MWB-OD) are both social and educational development organization that provides access to relevant educational, social and career opportunities for youths across the world.

MWB-OD will host its 1st Career Accelerator Program, “Uncommon Purpose: Changing Mindset and Lifting Leaders” June 17th -21st, 2020 with 45 participants from 12 countries across the world. The program will take place virtually using technology e-learning and video-conferencing tools. It will be held on Zoom and Google Classroom, both interactive e-learning platforms that facilitate a seamless learning process for participants around the world.

MWB-OD awarded a limited number of scholarships for college students and professionals to attend the 2020 Career Accelerator Program June 17-21, 2020. The scholarships include:

  • 5 days of unique workshops, real-world experiences and cross-cultural group work;
  • Customizable templates;
  • Coaching & Mentorship from industry experts;
  • Exclusive Virtual Internship and Remote Work Opportunities;
  • Access to a global network of career professionals; and
  • Certificate of participation.

The MWB-OD Career Accelerator program will provide participants with the essential tools and resources you need to evaluate career options, gain information for sustainable career and employment opportunities, and identify the next steps you should take to facilitate your transition to the changing workforce.

For more information or to support the MWB-OD Career Accelerator Program, contact the MWB-OD Program Team at [email protected].