Princeton Arts Fellowships 2020 for Outstanding Artists (Stipend available)

Princeton Arts Fellowships 2020 for Outstanding Artists (Stipend available)

Deadline: September 15, 2020

Applications for the Princeton Arts Fellowships 2020 are now open. The Princeton Arts Fellowships, funded in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, David E. Kelley Society of Fellows in the Arts, and the Maurice R. Greenberg Scholarship Fund, will be awarded to artists whose achievements have been recognized as demonstrating extraordinary promise in any area of artistic practice and teaching.

Princeton Arts Fellows spend two consecutive academic years (September 1 – July 1) at Princeton University and formal teaching is expected. The normal work assignment will be to teach one course each semester subject to approval by the Dean of the Faculty, but fellows may be asked to take on an artistic assignment in lieu of a class, such as directing a play or creating a dance with students. Although the teaching load is light, the expectation is that Fellows will be full and active members of the community, committed to frequent and engaged interactions with students during the academic year.


  • An $84,000 a year stipend is provided. Fellowships are not intended to fund work leading to an advanced degree.


  • One need not be a U.S. citizen to apply.
  • Holders of Ph.D. degrees from Princeton are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants should be early career composers, conductors, musicians, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, poets, novelists, playwrights, designers, directors and performance artists–this list is not meant to be exhaustive–who would find it beneficial to spend two years teaching and working in an artistically vibrant university community.


All applicants must submit:

  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • A personal statement of 500 words about how you would hope to use the two years of the fellowship at this moment in your career, and
  • Contact information for three references.
  • In addition, work samples are requested to be submitted online (i.e., writing sample, images of your work, video links to performances, etc.)

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For more information, see FAQ or visit Princeton Arts Fellowship.