Apply to Become an Earth Company Impact Hero 2021 (up to 300k grant)

Apply to Become an Earth Company Impact Hero 2021 (up to 300k grant)

Deadline: September 2, 2020

Apply now to become an Earth Company Impact Hero 2021. Earth Company selects one Impact Hero a year – a one-of-a-kind change-maker that has the potential to transform the future of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific.

The Impact Heroes are visionary leaders that are driven by bottomless passion and resolute determination to make transformative changes to the communities they serve. They are not only role models for the next generations, but also have the innate ability to inspire the world.

Through their work, they aim to achieve paradigm shifts and carve out new, inclusive pathways that truly leave nobody behind and build a regenerative, sustainable future. This approach differs greatly from mere imitations of today’s advanced countries that face their share of social and environmental challenges.


Earth Company delivers critical resources over a three-year period including:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Tailor-made fundraising (US$100-300k grant)
  • Marketing support
  • Business development
  • Management consulting


To be eligible, you must answer “Yes” to all these questions:

  • Are you aligned with the vision and values of Earth Company?
  • Do you tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific region?
  • Do you have innovative solutions that bring deep (or meaningful? life-changing?) impact to a wide range of stakeholders?
  • Do you serve on the leadership team of a social-purpose organization?
  • Are you committed to the cause long-term?
  • Are you able to commit a significant amount of time to work with Earth Company’s support team?
  • Are you able to regularly communicate with the Earth Company team in English by email and online calls?

Other Qualities

  • Authentic: Integrity and genuineness in the motivation of your life work.
  • Irreplaceable: One-of-a-kind qualities and unique role that cannot be substituted for.
  • Future-oriented: Aims to realize alternative futures characterized by inclusivity and regeneration.
  • Passionate: Blazing passion, energy, and conviction that fuels your work.
  • Inspirational: Extraordinary ability to inspire the world through your life work.
  • Leadership: Strong potential to lead his/her community or even country to a brighter future.
  • Grounded: A role model with deep trust and respect from the community.

Note: Earth Company is agnostic about number of years in operation, organizational maturity, sectoral focus, nationality, age, gender, academic credentials. For-profit companies and non-profit organizations – and everything in between – are eligible.


Please download the application guidelines before you begin your application. Applications should be submitted no later than September 2, 2020!

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For more information, visit Earth Company.