Call for Submissions: State of Youth-Led Innovation in Education Report 2020

Call for Submissions: State of Youth-Led Innovation in Education Report 2020

Deadline: August 28, 2020

Call for Submissions for the State of Youth-Led Innovation in Education Report 2020 are now open. This call seeks to identify, showcase, harmonize and celebrate various inspiring and transformative youth-led educational responses to COVID-19 in Nigeria.

With an overarching goal of documenting and projecting the inspirational leadership and ingenuity of young people as crucial frontliners and pacesetters in educational development, this annual report will chronicle diverse perspectives and dynamics of youth-led innovation and entrepreneurial leadership within the local educational sector as it applies to efforts geared at improving policy, practise and research.


As a driving force in shaping a sustainable and inclusive future, tapping into the creativity of young people is essential to deliver ground-breaking solutions to boost sustainable development, particularly in ensuring equitable access to quality education. It is unarguable that complex development challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic require an effort to go beyond traditional approaches and in these times, young people have proven to be energetic, passionate, and ambitious individuals with the zeal and understanding to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

More than 40 million learners in Nigeria were affected by the nationwide school closures, of which over 91 per cent are primary and secondary school learners. Nonetheless, it is inspiring to see how young people are organising within communities, mobilising resources and designing innovative strategies to ensure alternative educational and distance learning opportunities are accessible to students and children.

This report, therefore, will highlight 50 most outstanding youth-led non-profits, social enterprises and projects that have inspired transformational leadership and radical innovation in ensuring learning never stops despite school closures within the COVID-19 pandemic era.


  • Gain international Exposure and Global Reach;
  • Showcase of your work at global educational events;
  • Becoming a part of a growing community of practice and support.


In order to qualify, projects must:

  • Be addressing the varying access challenges which is prevalent in the COVID-19 context;
  • Be innovative, game-changing ideas which have the potential to build transformative change in education;
  • Demonstrate potential to be scaled up during and beyond the recovery phase of education post-COVID;
  • Be cost-effective in solving the challenge(s) it seeks to address.


The deadline for submission is August 28, 2020. Questions about entries and other related matters to this report should be addressed to [email protected]

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