Fun Fundraising Activities You Can Do While on Quarantine

Fun Fundraising Activities You Can Do While on Quarantine

The world today is changing so quickly. With the onset of Covid-19, businesses have had to adapt to a new culture of 6ft distancing, thorough sanitizing, and cleaning of all surfaces. People are required to wear masks in all public areas, and cash has become a thing of the past. The most difficult of scenarios comes when certain shops and companies aren’t even allowed to open. Many places, due to state regulations, must remain closed until the pandemic is over. Such businesses include sports arenas, movie theaters, and concert halls.

With the new rules in place, this makes it extremely hard for any company to sponsor any kind of fundraising events. While people are encouraged to stay home, and no more than 10 people are allowed to gather for social activities, any nonprofit organization is struggling to stay alive financially. There are no conventional avenues for them to raise any money.

The solution comes by way of the internet and virtual fundraising. The term “virtual fundraising” refers to all online activities and campaigns that seek to raise money and awareness for an organization or business. Such activities involve text-based fundraisers, online events, and social network marketing. This includes those done via Facebook and Twitter too. Virtual fundraising may also sometimes be referred to as online charities.

By thinking outside of the proverbial box, and digging deep into the virtual realm, there are many fun fundraising activities that you can do during quarantine. It’s just a matter of deciding what kind of activity best serves you and your company.

  • Product Sales

Selling products over the internet is one of the simplest ways to raise money for your organization. Since day 1, companies all over the world have used the world wide web for promoting and selling their merchandise. This is why this idea is perfect for fundraising. With all the various products out in the market to sell, your business can choose whatever’s most suitable for raising money.

The idea is to focus on selling items that people need to purchase, are currently purchasing, or else offer significant discounts for their purchases. Just pick one that suits your brand. For instance, when trying to raise funds for a children’s home or school band, one option may be to sell cookie dough. There are plenty of companies that exist who do this specifically, such as

Other ideas may include selling t-shirts, or hats, or even masks. Of course, there will always be differences between what may be the best fundraisers to sell to local church organizations versus national cancer fundraisers, or which fundraising ideas may work best for breast cancer fundraising efforts. The ideas are endless. Just do the research and your fundraiser could easily reach any financial goal it sets.

  • Virtual Concerts

With the Covid lockdown, many people are missing the social interaction of sports events and musical concerts. This doesn’t have to happen if your company decides to sponsor a virtual concert. Although the participants still stay at home, the experience is there for live music and lots of fun. The process isn’t that hard either. The first thing to do is to choose your main event. Who will be singing or playing? Will it be a local talent or can you hire someone more famous? Once the talent is signed, decide on the time and date of the event. Then promote. A bonus feature is that whoever you have for a talent can promote your fundraiser for their benefit too.

To raise money, you have to find a live streaming service for the concert and set up an event registration form. You can sell tickets over the internet and make money while still sitting on your couch.  If you want to take this process a step further, you can buy a registration software that will allow you to keep records of everyone who donates or buys a ticket to your event. This can help with future fundraiser outreaches. 

The potential to raise money for your cause is very big. Entertainers, like Elton John and James Cordin, have jumped on the virtual concert wagon as well, raising more than 8 million dollars for their causes.

  • Online Cooking Classes

Nonprofit organizations aren’t the only ones who are suffering through this quarantine. Many small restaurant owners are also at risk for losing their businesses. This is why offering an online cooking class may be a great fundraiser.

For the nonprofit organization or the restaurateur, a virtual cooking lesson is a fun way to make money and eat at the same time. Virtual culinary lessons not only give your audience the skills to prepare special dishes, they also give people a chance to give back to their communities. An online class is one sure way to bring in lots of money for your cause. It makes everyone feel good about what they’re doing.

The idea is to have local chefs host a video in which they teach the viewers how to prepare a special dish at home. The audience pays a registration fee and learns how to cook as well. The class can be live, or a recorded video. The choice is up to you and what works best for your situation. For an extended fundraiser, you can also offer a series of classes.

  • Gaming Night

Being in quarantine can leave many people with nothing to do except eat and play games. Why not use this time to raise money for your organization and sponsor an online gaming tournament? People of all ages love to play games. Use this opportunity to bring friends and loved ones together and have fun while you’re at it.

With online gaming, you can use some of the more classic family board games which can be found on any gaming platform or video game software. Your supporters can pay an admission fee and then watch competitors rise or fall on a tournament board. For more information, just check out a few sites to discover which games you might like.

  • Party Time

Who doesn’t like a good party? With online services being at an all-time high, many companies are turning to virtual parties to promote their goods. This is called “direct marketing” and has become very popular through social media. Businesses and nonprofit organizations have turned to Facebook and Instagram to sell their jewelry, food, cosmetics, etc. The fun part is that everyone gets involved yet no one has to move from the living room.

To raise funds, a person only has to set up an event on the site and invite people to come. Then the party starts! For every item that is sold, money is earned for your fundraiser. On top of raising money, anyone who attends the party will also learn about your cause or product, and you have another connection with a new supporter.

  • Online Auctions

With some research and a bit of hard work, an online auction can be so much fun for a fundraiser. Everyone loves the challenge of finding an item they love and bidding on it. There is such an element of competition and edginess that comes from being involved. This doesn’t have to change, just because the auction is online. Given the proper tools and goods, an online auction can raise great funds. The first step is to find an auction site. By checking online, you can find a number of places to use.

Fundraising online is very similar to fundraising in the real world. Many fundraisers have open bidding, which, if you like something, you can go ahead and bid on it! The bidding is often much appreciated by fundraising fundraisers that have regular online auction fundraisers.

Once that is accomplished, the work begins. Donated items must be procured, values must be assigned, descriptions written, and prices must be allotted. All this is done even before anyone is invited. After the invitations are sent out, the auction may begin. Most fundraising auctions last between a day or two and a week. This gives you plenty of time to make sure that you have your items sold off. When it’s over, the purchased goods can then be shipped out.

The best part about an online auction is that it’s easy to raise a good amount of money for a good cause. People all over the world can bid on any item they choose. Your virtual auction is not limited to only your surrounding area. Even though there is much work that goes into operating an online auction, the rewards are highly worth it. Gather what you need, research everything, and get to bidding.


Being quarantined isn’t always fun. Days flow together quickly, and there isn’t much to do while staying home. Business is slow, and some companies can’t even remain open. It would seem as if fundraising were dead too. That’s just not the case, nor does it have to be. With all the technical advancements available today, there are more than enough fun activities to help raise funds for your organization during quarantine.

Whether you need to raise money for your child’s baseball team, or if your hospital is seeking funds to supply new equipment for the natal unit, virtual fundraising can fulfill that need. All it takes is a bit of research and an internet connection for anyone to succeed. 

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