African Academy of Sciences (AAS) Affiliates Program 2021

African Academy of Sciences (AAS) Affiliates Program 2021

Deadline: July 23, 2021

Applications are open for the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) Affiliates Program 2021. The AAS Affiliates Program seeks early and mid-career scientists who demonstrate excellence in their development and application of science in Africa.

These individuals become ‘Affiliate of the AAS’ for a period of five years during which they receive individualized professional development support and join a wider community of science leaders on the African continent.


  • You will be recognized for your scientific excellence as ‘Affiliate of the AAS’ alongside The AAS Fellows;
  • You will receive individualized professional development planning support;
  • You will be enrolled into the AAS Mentorship Scheme during the five years;
  • You will benefit from a range of career development activities including but not limited to grant writing, publishing, science communication, ethical conduct of research, intellectual property issues, collaborative research, scientific entrepreneurship, etc.
  • You will join a platform for networking and collaborating among early and mid-career researchers regionally and globally;
  • You will benefit from other AAS opportunities as they become available.


  • Must be an African national;
  • Must have obtained their PhD in the last ten years;
  • Must have substantial postdoctoral research experience;
  • Must be aged 40 years and below by December 31 of that year. Individual considerations will be made for female candidates above 40 years who have had career interruptions;
  • Must be residing in or affiliated with an African higher education or research institution;
  • Female candidates and candidates from under-represented disciplines and countries are especially encouraged to apply.

What they are looking for:

  • Quality of scientific outputs;
  • Evidence of good academic citizenship;
  • The strength of the applicant’s statement of interest;
  • Applicant’s range of scientific awards and other recognitions;
  • Engagement in other relevant professional activities.


  • Follow this link to get to The AAS Ishango Online System
  • Register as a new user if you have not used the system before. If you have used the system before, please proceed to step 4.
  • The system will email you a temporary password.
  • Follow the link again to access the system.
  • Go to Existing User and log in with your password (for first time users, you will be requested to replace your temporary password with one of your choice).
  • Once you log in go to New Grant Application and go to click Here.
  • Select Call for The AAS Affiliates 2021click Apply, tick the Eligibility Checkbox that pops up then click Apply again to begin filling in the online form.
  • Once you have provided all the required information, please validate and submit the form. You will receive an automatic email confirming your submission and a unique reference number for future communication regarding your application.

For more information, visit AAS Affiliates Program.