National Association of Japanese Canadians Young Leaders Fund 2021 (Up to $2,000)

National Association of Japanese Canadians Young Leaders Fund 2021 (Up to $2,000)

Deadline: July 19, 2021

Applications are open for the National Association of Japanese Canadians Young Leaders Fund 2021. The Young Leaders Committee of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) is proud to manage the Young Leaders Fund to support youth across Canada, giving Japanese Canadian youth the opportunity to help realize projects and initiatives.

The purpose of the Young Leaders Fund (YLF) is to provide financial assistance to young Japanese Canadian individuals and organisations for projects and initiatives directed toward young people in Japanese Canadian communities. Such projects and initiatives should clearly promote or develop Japanese Canadian community and/or culture.


  • Successful applicants can receive up to $2,000 for their projects or initiatives.


The YLC encourages applications from young people of all backgrounds. Preference will be given to first-time applicants.


  • Must be a young person in a Japanese Canadian community;
  • Up to 35 years of age;
  • Preference will be given to a Canadian citizen/resident who is a member of a Japanese Canadian community.


  • Must be an organisation comprised of young people in Japanese Canadian communities.

Project or Initiative Eligibility

Examples of projects or initiatives that may be funded

  • Start-up costs, pilot projects, or project costs on a one-time only or short term basis
  • Workshops, competitions, or festivals
  • Commercial or for-profit projects, where funds do not comprise profits

Examples of what will not be funded

  • Core budgets of established organizations or costs to maintain ongoing operations
  • Repayment of debt
  • Projects or initiatives completed prior to application deadline
  • Purchase of prizes or awards

Selection Criteria

The following general criteria may be used to evaluate funding proposals:

  • Project or initiative’s proposed contribution to a Japanese Canadian community, and its impact on young people in this community;
  • Applicant’s preparation and qualifications for completing the project or initiative;
  • Applicant’s demonstrated commitment to and investment in a Japanese Canadian community and its young people;
  • Distinctiveness of the proposal (should not duplicate an existing or similar project or initiative); and
  • Reference letter from an NAJC member, affiliate organization (click HERE for member organizations’ contact information) or a leader in your community.


  • Applications must be submitted on the form.
  • Application forms must be completed and submitted, with accompanying attachments, by email to: [email protected]
  • Application emails should be addressed to the Young Leaders Committee with the subject line: APPLICATION – NAJC Young Leaders Fund.
  • Application deadline is July 19, 2021 11:59pm PST.

For more information, visit NAJC Young Leaders Fund.