Top 10 Options for Professional Life After College

Top 10 Options for Professional Life After College

Most graduates are on the lookout for the perfect job. It is every student’s dream to bag a lucrative job in order to start their professional life. There is no dearth of opportunities today with a host of job offerings in diverse fields suiting one’s interest. One can also choose to work full-time after High School, or just look for work experience along with further studies. It’s always better to kickstart your career as businesses are constantly looking for the right talent base.

If you are still looking, this list of Top 10 Options for Professional Life After College might offer some help:

  1. Data Scientist – A job as a Data Scientist is rapidly becoming a popular career option for graduates in 2021. If you have an interest in programming, SQL, Excel, etc. you can excel in this job. As a data scientist, you will have to use different statistical methods, data analysis techniques, and machine learning to analyze data helping with important business conclusions. The rise of data science is following an overall growth trend. It is the #2 job in America according to Glassdoor ranking in 2021.
  1. Digital Marketing – With many companies now foraying into the digital space, businesses need more professionals to strengthen their online presence. Graduates who are adept with SEO and social media can opt for this career option.
  1. Ecommerce worker/ Supply Chain Logistics – The world has moved faster than expected away from brick-and-mortar stores. With a surge in online shopping, there is a huge demand for frontline eCommerce workers facilitating supply chain logistics. Lucrative options in this field are driver, supply chain associate, package handler, etc.
  1. Healthcare Aide – If you are patient with other people and have a compassionate heart, you can pursue a career as a healthcare professional in fields like Health. A few examples are a career in Pharmacy Tech, clinical research associates and Home Health Aid. Assistances, Pharmacy Technician, clinical research associates, and Home Health Aide. Some business, analysis, and operation roles are worth considering for grads without a medical specialism. There will be a huge demand for healthcare workers in 2021 given the burnout they faced in the last year due to the pandemic.
  1. Currency Trading – Forex trading is also emerging as an option for beginners/ graduates as it offers both risk and reward for the younger generation. It is true that currency trading can be volatile, but it can also be rewarding at the same time. With several guides available online, it is much easier both for newbies and professionals to trade online without breaking a sweat.
  1. Sales Professionals – A person who loves to talk and can convince people can look at sales as a career option. This is the most crucial aspect of every business. If there are no sales, there can be no business. Hence businesses are always on the lookout for smart salespeople. There are ample opportunities for a Sales Consultant, Sales Operations Assistant, and Strategic Advisor in just about any industry.
  1. Digital Content Creators – According to Forbes, global online content consumption has doubled in 2020. In this digitally driven world, there is a huge demand for online content creators in every field. Only when there is content can people search for data and information online. Having good content creators in your team is vital as they are your business brand ambassadors. You can be either good at writing, speaking, or making a video to promote your content.
  1. Human Resource Manager – For a business to be successful it is critical to secure talented individuals. Businesses are always looking for accumulating the best human capital. As a human resource manager, a prospective employee is expected to oversee recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff. Many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject. If you have good communication skills, are skilled at conflict management, and display both friendly and leadership qualities you can apply for a human resource job.
  1. Teaching – You can take up volunteering for a teaching job at a school/ daycare center if you love children and have the utmost patience to handle them. You can also look for tutoring kids if you have specialized knowledge about a particular subject like Mathematics, Science or literature, or even a foreign language.
  1. A career in Gaming – If you have the required creativity and love playing games, you can pursue a career in developing games. You can either operate from your home or get a job with an organization engaging in designing games as audio, special effects, or graphics programmers.

While professional life is exciting, working in the wrong job can be quite frustrating. Landing that perfect job will require some effort on your part. We suggest you do your homework well, work on your interest areas, plan your time carefully, polish your skills and take the plunge. Good luck!

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