HawkWatch International Global Raptor Research & Conservation Grant 2022 (up to $2,500)

HawkWatch International Global Raptor Research & Conservation Grant 2022 (up to $2,500)

Deadline: December 31, 2021

Applications for the HawkWatch International Global Raptor Research & Conservation Grant 2022 are now open. The Grant supports projects addressing global raptor priorities. The grant aims to increase diversity and inclusivity in conservation while building local capacity.

In 2019, HWI led an effort to identify global raptor research and conservation priorities. This research identified very stark discrepancies in raptor research efforts worldwide. Ten species (1.8% of all raptors) received nearly one‐third of all raptor research (32%) while over one‐fifth of all raptors (21%, 116 species) had zero research publications. Discouragingly, raptors at risk of extinction and those with declining populations are less studied globally.

This effort identified tropical regions of Central and South America, Sub‐Saharan Africa and, particularly, Southeast Asia as the highest priority for investment because they host the highest number of total species, understudied species, and extinction‐prone species. Overall, these findings call for a shift in how we invest scientific and conservation resources. This grant aims to provide support and resources to these areas where it is needed most.


  • Applicants may apply for up to $2,500 USD; more than one applicant may be funded. Continued funding for prior grant recipients is possible if all reporting requirements are met. 
  • In addition to financial support, HWI will support successful applicants by providing scientific guidance, networking opportunities, and publicizing project results, as possible and as desired by the awardee.


The Global Raptor Research & Conservation Grant aims to fund projects that are: 

  • Located in high-priority countries for raptor research and conservation, broadly Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia, as well as many island countries;
  • Focused on a single species of raptor that is recognized as a high priority species for research and conservation;
  • Led by an applicant that is a citizen of the country and who is associated with a registered NGO and/or university in the country where the project will take place.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be scored based on: the importance and/or impact of the proposed project, the overall quality of the application and the financial need of the applicant. Furthermore, preference will be given to projects that:

  • Take place in low-income countries;
  • Focus on higher priority raptor species (RCPI >= 0.5);
  • Focus on filling knowledge gaps (i.e. research) or on applied conservation actions, or both; 
  • Are undertaken by applicants with demonstrated financial need;
  • The maximum funding ($2,500) will make up a significant proportion (50%+) of the total budget.


Applications are to be submitted through the online form. If you have trouble accessing/submitting the form, you may instead email the application to [email protected]

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