Cultural Leadership & Innovation 2012/13: Open Call for Applications

Deadline: Jan 6, 2013

Call for applications

Apply Now for the British Council Cultural Leadership & Innovation Programme for 2012/2013.

Cultural Leadership & Innovation (CLI)  is a refreshed version of the British Council’s Cultural Leadership International (CLI) programme, and it seeks to:

Identify and support emerging talent in the region’s creative and cultural sector.

  • Create a network of cultural leaders and innovators in the region – and connect it with existing groups of creative entrepreneurs, cultural innovators and policy-makers from the Middle East and the UK.
  • Raise awareness of key issues affecting the cultural sector, and stimulate critical thought and new sustainable practises and projects.
  • Support viable development opportunities and small projects proposed by participants through small investment grants.
  • Strengthen the influence and position of the cultural sector cross-sectorally and regionally as a key social agent.


At a time of rapid change in our societies, we need more people who can work with culture and creativity to help us make things work better. The British Council is looking for a small number of emergent leaders and innovators working in the cultural and creative sector in the Middle East to take part in this new programme. We will support the group in developing their leadership, networking and innovation capacities through:

Cultural Innovation Lab workshops

  • The opportunity to apply for a Small Change Grant to develop new ideas and undertake professional development opportunities;
  • Participation in a regional Cultural Policy Summit to promote and share ideas with key international and regional policy-makers and established sector leaders.


We are looking for emergent cultural leaders and innovators with the following characteristics:

  1. Leadership and ability to influence. Someone working with culture and creativity that has a vision to become a leader in and of their national creative sector.
  2. Agent of Change. Someone with the ability to make a real difference – not just in aesthetic or business terms but in impacting on the sector and its contribution to the bigger agendas of social and economic wellbeing.
  3. Social responsibility and awareness. Someone championing the development of the sector beyond their own projects and interests, and with the vision to engage their work with wider social, economic and environmental issues.
  4. Interpersonal and networking abilities. Someone with the ability and interest to work, network and engage with other ideas, contexts and people.
  5. International outlook. Someone with the will to create a mutually beneficial culture of personal and professional development with the UK and the rest of the MENA region.


Deadline for applications is 06 January 2013.

Applications to be sent to [email protected] (details available at the bottom of the application form).

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