One Step to Take to Improve Men’s #Health and Vitality by Crestwave Consulting

One Step to Take to Improve Men’s #Health and Vitality by Crestwave Consulting

JUNE is Men’s #health month! Wear blue for the fabulous men in your life!

This month, encourage the men in your life to take ONE step to improve their health and vitality. Walk! Walk!! Walk!!!

A cool car is a great, ‘what-else-did-you-expect’ sign of status and being well off. Add to that the fact that most businesses and services of high quality are not located right next door, and you have the perfect equation for a larger generation of ‘drivers’ than ever before.

Do you love the father, brother, cousin, uncle, god-father in your life? Is he 35 years and older? Does he have a sedentary job? Encourage him to make this small change in his life…take a walk every day.

Note that adopting a lifestyle of regular walks is about making a deliberate choice to be healthier for the long term. It is a marathon, not a get-fit-quick scheme.

Thirty minutes or more of brisk walking, three times a week makes a huge positive impact on heart health, and endorphin levels which reduce stress and tension. 10,000 steps daily, easily measured with a pedometer, is the target to reach.

Don’t have thirty minutes at a stretch? Return from work too knackered to lift a finger? Live in an unsafe neighborhood?

Consider these tips for adding more steps to your life:

  1. Walk to your neighborhood barbershop for your weekly haircuts
  2. Walk two floors down (or up) to your colleague rather than telephone
  3. Walk around the mall (remember, it’s not a shopping trip!)
  4. Walk to your office from a parking spot farther away than your usual spot
  5. Walk briskly round your fenced compound, listening to your preferred playlist on your iPod or smartphone.

And remember to reward yourself with bragging rights! Tell your mates just how much you have accomplished.

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