Call for Submissions: Annual Gifted Citizen Prize for Social Entrepreneurs

Deadline: September 1, 2013

Submissions are now invited from social entrepreneurs from across the world for the Annual Gifted Citizen Prize of USD100,000. Gifted CitiZen is looking for people who are committed, have ambition and vision, and have a pragmatic approach to their projects. These projects should be original and innovative, and have the ability to impact 10 million people over the next six years. Each year up to 30 social entrepreneurs, with high impact projects, are selected. 

Gifted Citizen seeks to benefit humanity by freeing up creative potential and promoting innovation, through incentivizing social entrepreneurship projects. The Prize will be revealed and presented in the city of Puebla during Ciudad de las Ideas, the biggest Bright Minds Festival in Latin America, from 7th – 9th November 2013.


  • Social entrepreneurs from any country around the world
  • Applicants should have a minimum of one year of experience working on their project

They can be projects that work in the areas of:

  • Scientific innovation;
  • Technological invention;
  • Educational, ecological and social transformation;
  • Significant contributions to art and culture;
  • Improvements to sustainable economic development and socially responsible entrepreneurship; and
  • Defence and promotion of human cultural and social rights.

These projects can be from non-profit or for-profit organizations, and they should fulfill the following requirements:


  1. The application form should be completed correctly and uploaded onto the Gifted CitiZen webpage.
  2. The Social entrepreneur should create a five minute video that should be uploaded onto the Gifted CitiZen webpage. This video should describe the project’s main characteristics and be presented by the social entrepreneur.


Evaluation Criteria


  • The project should fulfill the totality of the requirements and respond to a social, environmental, cultural, technological or scientific challenge. 
  • The Entrepreneur’s experience:
    • Sense of leadership (vision and impact);
    • Passion, enthusiasm and ability to communicate their ideas; and
    • Experience, competence and CV as a reference.


  • The project should have the capacity to impact ten million people over the next six years:
    • Facts – impact and added value;
    • Financial projection;
    • Sustainability and other financing opportunities; and
    • Availability of infrastructure and needed technology.

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