Register to attend the Co-Founder Event Africa at Lagos, Nigeria

Interested participants are invited to register to attend the Co-founder Event Africa, which is a ‘matchmaking’ event for business partnerships and potential co-founders taking place at Zanzi Bar & Grill, Lekki , Lagos on August 11, 2013.

The event provides a platform for local entrepreneurs, software developers, designers, marketers and business developers to foster partnerships. co-founders and Start-ups meet to define a collective course or seek out partnerships based on the uniqueness of their ideas. Lagos Co-Founder Event will be the first in Africa. So far the event has been hosted in other major cities including New York, London, Beijing, Varna, Perth, etc.

The Co-Founder event was founded by Founder2be, a Helsinki-based startup that has organised this event in cities all over the world in partnership with local entrepreneurs. The Lagos event is being hosted by the founders of Entarado. Founders2B is a global forum for startups, a place to meet , network, share ideas on how to meet customer expectations, how to access funds to start a business and collaborating on projects.

How to Register

Tickets are available for only 50 young and enterprising Nigerians with well defined business idea.

Contact details to get yourself a ticket : [email protected] or visit

The event is FREE and refreshment will be provided to invited participants.

For more information about the event, click here.