2013 Harvard Undergraduate WIB Innovation Competition

Deadline: September 8, 2013

Applications are still open for the Harvard Undergraduate Women In Business (HUWIB) Innovation Competition, which aims to support the innovative vision of college students around the world. The program provides a network of resources including mentorship, funding, and peer connection to launch the next great idea. One unique focus of the competition is advocacy and support for women in the field of entrepreneurship. Since its inception in 2009, the competition has rewarded innovation and collaboration by funding and guiding teams of students to design enterprising business proposals.

At the annual Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC), a globally-recognized conference hosted by HUWIB, competition finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of qualified judges who then announce the winner at IBC. Winners not only receive a monetary prize, but also build a network of peers and mentors who can help them continue to develop their ideas beyond the competition.

The competition is separated into two distinct categories: commercial entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.


  • The first place winner of the 2013 Innovation Competition will receive a monetary award to implement her business plan, as well as the opportunity to be recognized for her idea in front of all the 1000 participants and guests of the IBC 2013 at the closing ceremonies.
  • The runner up will also receive an award an recognition at the closing ceremonies.
  • The winner and finalists will receive exposure to and opportunity to network with corporate leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, students, and more at IBC and through HUWIB outlets.

Innovation Competition at IBC

Up to six teams of finalists will have the opportunity to interact with a number of successful social entrepreneurs at a special IBC Innovation breakout session. The session will include a number of workstations where participants can interact with, and learn from, entrepreneurs in key areas that that will benefit their businesses. The sessions may include; “financing your start-up,” “measuring your social impact,” and “balancing school & a new business.” Competition participants will also have the opportunity to showcase their products and ideas to IBC guests and attendees at “The Innovation Fair” at IBC.


  • Participant Ages 18-24
  • Teams of 2-6 members- must be at least 50% female
  • All teams must register for and plan on attending the Intercollegiate Business Convention on October 5th, 2013 at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston. Finalists will be provided free tickets to IBC but HUWIB will not cover any transportation costs. Teams that are unable to do so will be disqualified.
  • Participants need not have implemented their proposal; however, if they have begun implementation, it must be under one year since inception to remain qualified.

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