2014 Unreasonable Institute Global Program for Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Deadline: November 7, 2013

Applicants from around the world are invited to apply for the 2014 Unreasonable Institute Global program in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The program  is dedicated to tackling the world’s biggest problems by giving an “unfair advantage” to entrepreneurs creating solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems. This is the founding program of the Unreasonable Institute. The 2014 Institute will run from May 30th – July 6th, 2014.

The program will bring together 25 entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe under one roof for 6 weeks in Boulder, Colorado. Entrepreneurs get training from 50 mentors, ranging from a founder of 3 companies with $1 billion exits to the director of strategy at BRAC (which has brought 100 million people out of poverty) and build relationships with dozens of investors, funds, and foundations.


Applicant should be

  • 18 years of age or older
  • have a venture addressing a massive social or environmental problem?
  • have a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and are you hungry to ensure your venture reaches global scale?
  • able to make key, high-level, direction-shifting decisions such as investment and major partnerships) on behalf of your organization? Typically, this is the role of a CEO, but doesn’t necessarily have to be.
  • currently working and will you continue to work full-time on the development of your venture?
  • have at least one team member who is currently full-time and will continue to work full-time on your venture while you are at the Unreasonable Institute?

Open to ventures that:

  • Operate anywhere in the world
  • Have achieved significant traction in their market already, meaning they have many customers/users and have consistent revenues.
  • Have released their product/service, gained feedback from their target population, and then iterated their product to better meet the demand. In short, they have “market intimacy”.
  • Are for-profit or non-profit
  • Have a strong business model

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