Valeo Innovation Challenge: An International Student Contest with $100,000 Prize

Deadline: February 14, 2014

Valeo is inviting students from engineering, technical and science schools and universities from around the world to take an active role in automotive innovation by designing equipment that will help build smarter and more intuitive cars by 2030. Students from engineering, technical and science schools and universities will have the opportunity to develop daring and revolutionary solutions for the future. The purpose of the contest is to recognize an innovative automotive equipment project designed by students from around the world.

Are you an engineering student eager to take part in a global Challenge? Take the challenge: “Take an active role in automotive innovation: design product or system that will make cars smarter and more intuitive by 2030 and develop daring and revolutionary solutions for the future.”


  • The 20 teams selected in Phase 2 (developing a mock-up) will each receive a sum of five thousand euros (€5,000) to develop their idea and build a functioning mock-up (physical equipment, software, etc.).
  • The winning team will receive a grant of €100,000.
  • The organizer will handle all travel arrangements to Paris for all members of the three finalist teams, including roundtrip airfare and hotel stays. This does not including meals, beverages, travel insurance, personal expenses, trips and entertainment not provided by the organizer, which remain the full responsibility of each finalist.


  • The contest is open to students from engineering, technical and science schools and universities worldwide. Submissions are limited to one per person (same name and same e-mail address).
  • Teams may be multidisciplinary in nature and include a designer, sociologist, philosopher, urban planner, architect, biologist, etc.
  • Participants must have permission to travel outside their country of residence. They must also have as at September2014a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the awards ceremony (October 2014).
  • The following individuals are not eligible for the contest:
  • Employees of the organizer, its subsidiaries, parents, or any company managed by the same parent, and their childrens.
  • Individuals involved in organizing or coordinating the contest and their children.
  • Individuals with a conflict of interests.

Selection Criteria

Valeo Group plans to recruit over 1,000 engineers and technicians per year over the next three years. It therefore aims to educate students about the challenges offered by professions in automotive technology. Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • The idea’s boldness, originality and innovation
  • Importance and relevance of the challenge addressed and inclusion of social needs
  • Presentation value of the submission
  • Mastery of required technical aspects
  • Demonstration of feasibility of the project through the mock-up

View Contest Rules here.

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