John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford

Deadline: December 1, 2013

Applications for the 2014-15 John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships are now being accepted. International and U.S applicants are invited to apply. Each year, 20-plus journalists from all over the world come together for 10 months of learning, collaborating, creating and fun. They are among the most adventurous, optimistic and motivated people working in journalism today. They have a unique opportunity to draw on the richness of knowledge and experience at Stanford University and in Silicon Valley.

Benefits of a Fellowship

A Knight Fellowship is invigorating and productive – for fellows and for journalism. To help fellows get the most out of their year, we provide several financial benefits:

  • Stipend: $65,000 (paid in 10 monthly installments, September through June)
  • Tuition: Paid directly to Stanford for you.
  • Books, research and equipment allowance: $4,000 (may be used for laptops, digital cameras, recorders, software, books, research fees or payments, web design, fees for non-Stanford courses and workshops and travel expenses related to the fellow’s innovation proposal.)
  • Housing supplement (total for the year):
    • $3,000 to single fellows, married fellows and those with domestic partners who are not bringing children.
    • $10,000 for fellows with one child
    • $13,000 for fellows with two or more children
  • Childcare supplement (total for the year):
    • $12,000 for one child under age 5
    • $9,000 for each additional child under age 5
    • $6,000 for each child ages 5 to 17
  • Health insurance supplement: Ranges from approximately $3,600 for the year for single fellows to $8,190 for a couple with two or more children, which covers the cost of Stanford health insurance.
  • Moving supplement:
    • $2,000 to $4,000 to fellows living in the United States, depending on family size
    • $3,000 to $6,000 to fellows living outside the United States, depending on family size


  • U.S. applicants for a Knight Fellowship ideally have at least seven years of full-time professional experience, international applicants ideally have at least five years. But they also consider less experienced applicants with outstanding achievements.
  • No college degree is required.

They consider applicants who fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Full-time journalists: hose who write or edit news, commentary, or editorials; critics and reviewers, photojournalists, editorial cartoonists and supervising editors, anchors, and producers. They may be working for newspapers, wire services, television or radio news departments, web sites, magazines that cover news, commentary or public affairs, or as freelance or independent journalists.
  • Journalism entrepreneurs and innovators: Those whose work or proposals have the potential for great journalistic impact.
  • Journalism business and management executives: Those whose work influences editorial quality, such as publishers, general managers, and station managers.

Applications from people working in public information or public relations jobs, for trade and house newsletters or magazines, for government agencies, or in teaching jobs will not be accepted.

NOTE: The deadline for international applications is Dec. 1, 2013 and the deadline for U.S. applications is Jan. 15, 2014.

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