Call for Applications: The 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador Program

Call for Applications: The 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador Program

Deadline: February 23, 2014

Eco-generation is pleased to announce the call for application for the 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador Program. E-gen Regional Ambassador is an elite position awarded to the children and youth qualified to represent Tunza Eco-generation. E-gen Regional Ambassador Program provides exceptional experiences with the opportunities to actively plan, to execute or participate in various environmental awareness programs in each region. The 12th E-gen Regional Ambassadors shall be in position for the next 6 months from March 2014 to August 2014.


As the representatives of Tunza Eco-generation, E-gen Regional Ambassadors must embody the spirit and values of Tunza Eco-generation. E-gen Regional Ambassadors must take on various roles to promote and raise environmental awareness for each region they are representing.

The Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors would carry the voice of the universe at international level. Since your friends will gain their first impression of Tunza Eco-generation through E-gen Ambassadors, E-gen Ambassadors are also expected to be knowledgeable on current environmental issues and on information about Tunza Eco-generation platform as well.


  • Ambassadors shall post a Self Introduction on the ‘Eco-generation Ambassadors Forum’ page in 7 days after accepting the ambassador position.
  • Ambassadors shall post more than 2 environmental articles on the Ambassador report page. Minimum 12 articles are required for completion of the ambassador term.
  • The article posting should be regularly or it can cause disqualification in extension procedure of ambassador term.
  • Ambassadors shall try to leave kind comments after reading others’ articles on both Ambassador Report and World Report as often as possible so that Eco-generation members can actively exchange thoughts on each other’s regional environmental issues and campaigns.
  • Ambassadors shall check their emails as often as possible for responding Tunza Eco-generation’s communication in time.


  • Improvement of leadership and essay writing skill
  • Broadening networks between environmental leaders all over the world
  • Non-financial supports such as business cards and Tunza Eco-generation’s Promotional goods including banners, brochures and other school things to support Ambassadors’ environmental campaigns
  • Certificate to verify successful completion of one’s term
  • Reference letters except for the college/university admissions available based on the successful completion of the first 3 months
  • Advantages to get involved in the various off-line events of Tunza Eco-generation
  • Every month 3 ambassador articles which earned the most comments, facebook likes and tweets will be published on Tunza Eco-generation’s Monthly Newsletter as the best article of the month.
  • The Best Ambassador(1 person) who showed the most passionate and active environmental activities will be awarded with a certificate and souvenir(Samsung Gadget) at the end of the term.


All Tunza Eco-generation members aged between 13 and 24 who are enthusiastic to spread news about the local environmental issues at the global level.

Selection Criteria

  • Application : 70 % & Activity Points : 30 %, Total 100%
  • Information on the activity point system <Link>
  • The 6 month coverage plan should be detail and contain concrete activity plans.
  • Gathering activity point in unfair way may cause disqualification.

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