2014 Peace Conference of Youth in Osaka, Japan (Fully-funded)

2014 Peace Conference of Youth in Osaka, Japan (Fully-funded)

Deadline: June 10, 2014

Applications are now invited from students around the world for the Peace Conference of Youth (PCY) 2014 in Japan organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI Osaka). At PCY 2014, international and Japanese students from universities across the globe will meet to share ideas with a goal of realizing a ‘lasting world peace’. The theme of PCY 2014 is “Expanding region harmony from education”.

About the Forum

The PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) is a program aimed to cultivate leaders who can take proactive actions and use their initiative for the achievement of world peace. JCI Osaka provides an opportunity for students from all over the world to learn and discover world peace, and to reach a conclusion of what needs to be done for world peace. Members of PCY will use the International network constructed since 2010 in the continues effort and action to bring a permanent world peace to reality.


PCY strongly supports the fostering of young leaders able to make a change actively. To offer students from around the world with vitality, who can look into the future, a place to play an active part in making change, JCI OSAKA will provide the following expenses needed to participate in PCY.

Transportation Expenses:

  • For international participants, Shinkansen expense to Shin-Osaka or Airplane expense to Osaka.
  • Expense needed to move during PCY.

※Transportation expense needed to move from participants home to the nearest Shinkansen station or airport, and from Shin-Osaka or airport to meeting place (Osaka) for domestic students will be personal expense.

Travel Expense:

  • Accommodation Fee(Designated accommodation by JCI OSAKA)
  • Meal Fee(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner provided by JCI OSAKA during stay)
  • Overseas training(Domestic student only)


  1. Applicant must be aged 25 or under as of August, 2014. Must be an active university or graduate student who can attend all events during the program.
  2. Former participants or students may NOT apply.
  3. Applicant must join PCY2014.
  4. Domestic students, Exchange students studying in Japan, Students studying outside of Japan are invited to apply

Application Form can be accessed here.

For more information, click here.