Re-Imagine Learning Challenge 2014 – Play2Learn. (8-10 Contestants Win up to $200,000)

Re-Imagine Learning Challenge 2014 – Play2Learn. (8-10 Contestants Win up to $200,000)

Deadline: June 25, 2014

The LEGO Foundation and Ashoka are inviting individuals from all over the World for the Re-Imagine Learning Challenge.

Re-Imagine Learning Challenge  allows everyone to contribute, connect and benefit. If you’re designing environments where kids and adults learn through play, whether at home, in a classroom or on a playground, share your ideas and energy wherever you are: submit a proposal, comment in an online conversation on Twitter and Facebook, or attend one of the face-to-face meetups around the world.

As you share your ideas you will be given a personalized feedback and support to help bring your vision for change to life. You will be also welcomed into a global network of like-minded parents, educators, administrators, and social entrepreneurs—both online and on the ground—who are challenging the conventions of learning because changemaking can’t wait for future generations.


  • Champions
    • 8-10 selected Pioneers will be named Re-imagine Learning Challenge Champions and receive all of the above, plus:
    • Cash prizes totalling $200,000
    • Opportunity to present their innovation at the 2015 LEGO Foundation IDEA Conference in Billund, Denmark, with the LEGO Foundation covering travel and accommodation expenses.
    • Featured representation in competition-related media coverage
    • Access to regional gatherings (where available) among practitioners in the play and learning space
    • A private meeting with a representative of the LEGO Foundation to share their idea and vision
  • Pioneers
    • 25 to 30 selected Pacesetters will be named Pioneers and receive all of the above, plus:
    • Invitations to participate in syndicated Google+ Hangouts for competition finalists during the final evaluation period
    • Structured opportunities to motivate existing benefactors to contribute to their work
    • Access to a competition Finalist Facebook group
    • Personalized feedback from official competition judges
    • Opportunity for a structured interview with one or two competition judges during final review period
    • Consideration for Ashoka’s Venture pipeline (the process by which Ashoka Fellows are elected)
  • Click here to see more prizes.


  • This challenge is open to all individuals, organizations, and partnerships from around the world who are using play or playful approaches to enrich learning.
  • All Players should be interested in joining a global network of change agents dedicated to re-imagine learning.
  • Players should have a specific and thoughtful idea for re-imagining learning.
  • Ideas must focus on transforming learning for children and young people using play, playful learning approaches, hands-on and minds-on strategies, or other innovative approaches.
  • Entries may be specific and well-planned: new ideas, or established strategies with proven impact.
  • Entries must be submitted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

 Judging Criteria:

Champions of The Re-imagine Learning Challenge will be those that best meet the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Social Impact
  • Sustainability

Application process:

  • Online competition submissions are accepted until deadline. Register on the official website and enter the competition yourself or nominate someone.

For more information, click here.