Hot Job Available! Experts on Social Inclusion Needed at EU-CoE Youth Partnership

Hot Job Available! Experts on Social Inclusion Needed at EU-CoE Youth Partnership

Deadline: May 28, 2014

The EU-CoE youth partnership calls experts for drafting analytical papers on barriers to social inclusion for young people in vulnerable situations.

The purpose of such project is to develop knowledge based resources that will improve initiatives aiming at ensuring young people’s access to rights and at providing them with opportunities to equally engage in the society. The outcomes of the project are two analytical papers. The first should present a concise framework about the current knowledge on the barriers limiting access to social rights of young people in vulnerable situations. The variety of situations is limited in the situation in Member States. The second paper should analyse good examples of practice in youth work and youth policy in overcoming the identified barriers.

Experts will form a reflection group to discuss the provisional findings of the mapping and proposed examples of good practice. After this reflection experts will propose their conclusions and recommendations during an expert seminar.


  • The Mapping will be conducted in 32 expert days. Experts will receive a daily fee of 260 euros. 16 expert days can be allocated for the analysis of good examples of practice (at least 12 examples with their analysis in total).
  • Costs of participating in the expert seminar, the conference and other meetings, if judged necessary, will be covered – the related details will be agreed at a later stage.


  • The Call is open for experts in the fields of youth research, youth policy and youth work.
  • Experts must also fulfil the following requirements:
    • experience in conducting similar analysis on international level,
    • good analytical and synthetic skills,
    • excellent English writing skills.

Applications criteria:

If interested in applying for this position, you should submit the following documents:

  • a motivation letter stating the expert’s rationale for undertaking the study;
  • CV(s) of involved expert(s) stating the relevant experience in the selected topic(s);
  • two previous writing samples of about 2 pages each;
  • a work plan proposal including 1-2 page outlines of the analytical paper(s) and a detailed schedule.

Applications can be sent to the following emails: [email protected] (Philipp Boetzelen) or [email protected]

Note: Due to the nature of the call, the organizers strongly recommend applying in teams. The teams should be multidisciplinary and be composed of experts from a number of different domains (incl. practitioners if possible); the application of individual experts for a specific domain is also possible.

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