Apply to attend the African Creative Economy Conference – Morocco

Apply to attend the African Creative Economy Conference – Morocco

Deadline: September 30, 2014 

Arterial Network invite artists, creative entrepreneurs, policy-makers, donors, cultural operators, academics and researchers to register to participate in the African Creative Economy Conference to be held during 13-15 November 2014 in Rabat, Morocco.

This is the 4th annual conference. The conference will highlight best practices in cultural entrepreneurship and further explore the role of arts and culture in development and democracy.  ACEC aims to provide a practical analysis and reflective overview of the current status of the African creative economy.


  •  access to all conference sessions,
  • lunches, tea breaks,
  • tickets to the ACEC2014 welcome cocktail and the ACEC2014 closing party,
  • wireless internet
  • and access to the opening of Visas for Music (a three-day showcase of African and Middle-Eastern music with performances from the five regions of the continent.)


  • Arterial Network Members $100
  • Africa $165
  • Central and South America, Middle East, Asia $210.00
  • North America, Europe and Australasia $310.00


  • The conference is open to individuals, networks and organizations and public bodies from Africa and around the world with an interest in the African Creative Economy and/or the African arts and cultural sector.
  • The conference is designed for artists, academics and researchers, art administrators, creative practitioners, donors and foundations, entrepreneurs, journalists, policy makers, public sector officials, and private sector.


Interest individuals can apply online here

For more information, visit African Creative Economy Conference.