2015 D&AD Professional Awards

2015 D&AD Professional Awards

Deadline: November 20th, 2014 (To get 10 % discount) & February 18, 2015

Companies and freelancers from all over the world are invited to enter for the D&AD professional Awards.Whether you work in Design, Advertising or Digital there’s an awards category for your entry. D&AD Professional awards is set to reward, promote and enable brilliance in all areas of creative communication, a Yellow, White or Black Pencil is the pinnacle of many careers. The Yellow Pencil is recognized the world over as a symbol of the very highest creative achievement.These Awards are entered and attended by the best from around the world.

Entry Categories

  • Communication: Direct, Integrated and Innovative Media, Outdoor Advertising, Press Advertising, Radio Advertising
  • Film: Branded Film Content &  Entertainment, Film Advertising, Film Advertising Crafts, Music Vidoes
  • Crafts: Art Direction, Crafts for Advertising, Crafts for Design, Writing for Advertising, Writing for Design
  • Design: Branding, Book Design, Graphic Design, Magazine & Newspaper Design
  • 3D: Packaing Design, Product Design, Spatial Design
  • Technology: Digital Marketing, Digital Design, Mobile Marketing
  • White Pencil: Creativity for Good

See complete list of entry prices for each category here.You’ll get a 10% discount on any entries completed and paid for by 29 October 2014. A freelance paid member gets 20% discount on entries. Contact [email protected] for discount codes

Eligibility Requirement

  • This award is open to companies and freelancers from all over the world (You don’t need to be a paid member of D&AD.)
  • To be eligible, work must have been commercially released for the first time between 1 January 2014 and 28 February 2015. It must not have been entered in previous years.

Entries would be judged on three criteria

  • Is the idea original and inspiring?
  • Is it exceptionally well executed
  • is it relevant to its context


  • All awarded work appears in the D&AD Annual, released annually in September and is available to purchase exclusively through D&AD.
  • World-wide recognition

How To Enter

  • Register on the D&AD site
  • Log in to your account and go to “Professional Awards 2015”

How to Create Your Entry

  • Start by uploading your media files to the Media Library. Work uploaded here is stored for later.
  • Go to the Dashboard and click on Create a New Entry.
  • Fill out the Entry Details sections. Include as much information as possible about your work.
  • If your work needs a digital submission, you will be asked to attach the media to the entry in the Formats & Parts tab.
  • The entry will move into the Ready for Payment tab on the dashboard. Select the entry and click on ‘Pay for selected entries’.
  • The entry will move to the Paid tab where you can print your labels for physical submissions.
  • Print and attach your labels to your physical entries. Send physical entry materials to arrive at D&AD by 25 February 2015.

Note: (1) Work must be submitted as it was originally released (2)Work must be submitted in its original language. See further information about these on Preparing your entries

For more information, visit the D&AD Professional Awards