Fast Forward International Training For Youth Workers And Leaders

Fast Forward International Training For Youth Workers And Leaders

Deadline: December 10, 2014

The Fast Forward International training course aims at developing the competences of youth workers and leaders to support young people on how to deal in a constructive way with the challenges of choices they encounter. Young people are confronted with a rapidly changing society in which they are forced to make decisions that impact the rest of their lives in small or big ways.

Many of these choices need to be made in a limited amount of time and with pressure from parents, teacher and friends. Unfortunately, there are very few places where young can acquire the competences to deal with these situations and practice them in a safe environment. We believe that youth work can play a crucial role in this process.

Objective of the training course

  • Develop competences to support young people in making informed choices.
  • Discuss how to encourage young people to follow their passion/interests.
  • Develop ways on how stimulate critical thinking and analytical competencies in young people.
  • Learn how to deal creatively with pressure and stressful situations.
  • Acquire competences to support young people realizing their full potential.
  • Share creative tools and techniques that can be used for work with young people on issues mentioned above.
  • Debate how activities in the framework of Erasmus+ can be used to work on these issues.


  • The project is supported under the Erasmus+ Programme. As a result of this, participants only pay the participation fee of €30 + 30% of the travel cost. All other expenses (70% of the travel, lodging, food and activities) are covered by the hosting organisation.


Applicants should be

  • Youth leaders or workers from Armenia, Belarus, Belgium – FL, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine.
  • already actively involved in working with teenagers and/or young people in non-formal settings.
  • committed to attend the training course for its entire duration.
  • motivated to share and learn and willing to support the peer learning process.
  • able to work in English.

Application Process

For enquiries, send email  [email protected] or visit Fast Forward Training.