Enter the Wonderland Start Up Award 2015 by Aiducation International Kenya

Enter the Wonderland Start Up Award 2015 by Aiducation International Kenya

Deadline: December 15, 2014

Entries are now invited for the Start Up Wonderland Award 2014/15. The Wonderland Startup Award is an initiative of Aiducation International Kenya and a unique opportunity for upcoming Kenyan entrepreneurs that want to use their company to promote unity and coherence in Kenya.

Are you an Entrepreneur living in Kenya with a startup that fights discrimination? Become the winner of the first Wonderland Award and receive contacts, advice, and 230,000 KES to push you to new heights!

Stages and Prizes

The Wonderland Award consists of the Idea stage and the Implementation stage.

Idea Stage: Startups apply with short business plans of max. 10-12 pages. The most convincing 20 projects are selected for the final, in which five winning startups are selected by a jury. Each of the five winning start-ups is awarded:

  1. 30’000 KES (330 USD) in recognition of their idea
  2. the chance to present their startup at various occasions across the country
  3. individual coaching by experienced entrepreneurs via skype, phone, and email.

Implementation Stage: Each of the five winning startups is then given 4 months to bring their startup into reality (or develop it further). At the end of the 4 months, the five winning startups will pitch their ideas in front of a jury, which selects the Wonderland Start Up Award 2015 winner, which will be awarded 200’000 KES (2’200 USD).


The competition is open to upcoming entrepreneurs from all over Kenya. Startups that fit into the Theme “Promoting Coherence and Inclusion” should fit into at least one of the following categories:

The company offers products or services, which:

  • promote peace and understanding between backgrounds (religion, disabilities, gender, ethnies, poor, etc.)
  • improve living conditions of minorities (religion, disabilities, gender, ethnies, elderly people, people from certain parts of the country, people with certain jobs, poor, etc.)
  • enable a free and fair market economy
  • create a platform for exchange and dialogue between groups in a conflict

How to Enter

  1. Stage 1 – Idea Stage Submit your 10 pages business plan to wonderland at [email protected] before 15 Dec 2014. The best 5 ideas will enter the finals (stage 2)
  2. Stage 2 – Implementation Stage Each of the 5 winners has 4 months to prove that they can implement their idea. In April 2015, each of the five finalists will have the chance to present their progress in front of a jury of entrepreneurship experts.

Download the Guildelines for Business Plan at www.aiducation.org/doc/wonderland_bp.pdf

For more information, visit Aiducation International Kenya.