Biodiversity Challenge: KEEDAfie- Selfie with Insect Challenge

Biodiversity Challenge: KEEDAfie- Selfie with Insect Challenge

Deadline: May 17, 2015

Have you ever thought your selfies could help to promote Biodiversity? Yes? Submit entries for the  KEEDAfie contest. KEEDA means insects in Nepali/Hindi and selfie means the self portrait photography. Hence KEEDAfie means Selfie with insects.


  • This is open to anyone interested in promoting diversity.
  • To be eligible to win, each participant must like the Facebook page “KEEDAfie – selfie with insects“.


  • BTRAPS Best KEEDAfie: Rs.5,000
  • Popular Choice Awards (Based on points):
    a) 1st Winner: Rs.5,000
    b) 1st Runner up: Rs.2,000
    c) 2nd Runner up: Rs.1,500
    d) Consolation: Rs.1,000
  • Special Surprise Prize for one who submit highest KEEDAfies
How to Enter
  1. Mail a photo of your selfie with insects to [email protected] or Facebook page “KEEDAfie – selfie with insects” with the following:
    a. Your original name and address
    b. Captions with maximum 140 character limit
    c. Common English Name (Compulsory) and Scientific name(optional) of the insect(s).
    d. Unique feature(s) of the Keeda(s) [Insect(s)]
    e. Location, date and time when the photo was taken the photo you?ve sent
    f. A hyperlink to your personal FB profile (copy-paste URL from the address bar of your browser)
    g. Make sure the subject of the mail is “KEEDAfie Challenge-2015”
  2. The photos will be uploaded on the Facebook page KEEDAfie – Selfie with insects.
  3. Participants with the most likes and comments on their photo wins the challenge. Please note that only the likes and comments recorded on the photo (in the album) uploaded on the “KEEDAfie – Selfie with insects” page will be counted.

Competition Rules/Guidelines

  • Multiple entries are allowed but with different insects.
  • Photos taken from any devices can be used.
  • The size of the photo must not exceed 2 MB.
  • Insect(s) and the face of the person should be visible.
  •  Insect(s) should be alive.
  • Light modifications are allowed.
  • The decision of the juries will be final.
  • The photos uploaded with the watermark shall be the property of the BTRAPS and can be used for their promotional campaign without original owners consent.
For more information, visit KEEDAfie.