Apply to become a Milky Way Global Youth Ambassador 2015

Apply to become a Milky Way Global Youth Ambassador 2015

Deadline: August 5, 2015

Milky Way, an internationally acclaimed youth led social movement is currently looking for a Global Youth Ambassador. Milky Way invites the global youth to join “Milky Way” in a dynamic team of global ambassadors to unite and support each other to launch advocacy campaigns on issues of immense importance in their countries and connect globally to raise their voices for sustainable social change powered by the social activism of 1.8 billion youth around the world.

About Milky Way

Milky Way has been nominated by United Nations (UNDP) for N-Peace Award in 2014 on account of its services to the youth and a peaceful society since 2010. They are a group of Volunteer Youth Activists working for the cause of serving our coming generations through result oriented actions and advocacy campaigns by raising the slogan of “Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Youth” all over the world.

They have assisted more than 150 students to continue their education by providing scholarships on need and merit basis and currently supporting 134 students (84 girls and 50 boys). They are also running a Montessori School “Milky Way Academy” with 50 kids and numerous community libraries. Annually they receive 180 social projects on different themes which include but not limited to education, health, environment, peace, human rights and gender equality.


As an ambassador of Milky Way YOU will get benefit in the following ways along with serving your village or city.

  • You will receive information regarding global opportunities like academic and cultural youth exchange programs, conferences, awards and seminars.
  • You will be given reference letters and experience certificates for professional and academic purposes.
  • You will represent Milky Way in your country
  • You will be linked with the global youth through Milky Way and would be able to form a world view on issues confronting the world today.
  • You will thrive in an intellectually sound environment of talented youth activists and expert professionals in diverse fields from around the world.


The Global Ambassadors would fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • To represent Milky Way Youth Movement in their country.
  • To stand for a social change by leading the youth of their countries.
  • To celebrate and spread awareness about international days in their countries.
  • To launch advocacy campaigns on issues related to but not limited to education, health, gender equality, cultural, Peace, democracy, human rights, millennium developmental goals and post 2015 sustainable developmental goals in their country.
  • To write article for our blog to advocate any issue in their countries.
  • To show solidarity with the youth of other countries and share their pain at difficult situations like human rights violations, natural catastrophes etc.

So if you want to be heard globally as a youth activist, then apply to join Milky Way as a Global Youth Ambassador.


They are looking for:

  • Socially active and intellectually sound youth who are 14 years or above and below 35 years.
  • Social activists who are adding value to other’s lives.
  • Individuals who stand for humanity regardless of any prejudice in any aspect.
  • Individuals who are striving to solve the issues of their villages or cities through collaborative efforts.
  • Individuals who care about humanity and the global issues the world is facing.

How to Apply

Registration link:

For more information, visit Milky Way Youth Movement.