Call for Participants: Combating Sexist Hate Speech

Call for Participants: Combating Sexist Hate Speech

Deadline: January 6, 2016

The Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement campaign was set up to mobilise young people in awareness-raising and acting on the issues related to hate speech and human rights online.

This seminar is organised in order to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the causes, extent, forms, different targets and consequences of sexist hate speech online and offline, especially on young people.
  • Identify  measures to prevent, counter, report and remedy sexist hate speech, notably through the No Hate Speech Movement campaign, the Gender Equality Strategy of the Council of Europe and other relevant instruments.
  • Prepare the main approaches and actions for mobilising the No Hate Speech Movement campaigners to act together against sexist hate speech on March 8, 2016.
  • Promote the implementation of Council of Europe’s standards and identify gaps to fully address sexist hate speech in the Council of Europe member states.


  • Accommodation and meals will be provided by the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre.
  • Travel expenses to and from Strasbourg will be reimbursed;
  • Visa costs will be reimbursed by the Council of Europe.


  • The following categories of persons can apply:
    • Representatives of youth organisations with experience in combating sexism and/or sexist hate speech or motivated and committed to start working on combating sexist hate speech;
    • Representatives of national committees and online activists committed to combating sexist hate speech in the framework of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign;
    • Representatives of NGOs working against sexist hate speech, for example women’s rights NGOs, human rights defenders, etc.;
    • Policy makers working on developing policies and legislation to combat sexist hate speech;
    • Experts, researchers and academics specialised on the topic of sexist hate speech;
    • Journalists active in combating sexist hate speech;
    • Representatives of the Gender Equality Commission, the European Steering Committee on Youth and the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe;
    • Representatives of other Council of Europe’s bodies relevant for combating sexist hate speech;
  • Applicants should:
    • Be committed to working against sexist hate speech and interested in supporting the No Hate
    • Be motivated and committed to contribute to the seminar and its outcome.
    • Have experience on the themes of the seminar. Speech Movement campaign;
    • Be able to work in English or French.

Application Process

All interested candidates must Apply Online.

For more information, visit Combating Sexist Hate Speech Seminar.