Apply to join Youth RISE’s International Working Group 2016

Apply to join Youth RISE’s International Working Group 2016

Deadline: January 24, 2016

Youth RISE invites applications for new members to join their International Working Group (IWG). Youth RISE’s International Working Group (IWG) brings together young advocates, drug users and people affected by drug policy from around the world who act as a liaison between the most affected populations and the international community. In order to better represent young people who use drugs, Youth RISE depends on the IWG members to communicate the realities and needs of the most affected young people and articulate how to support them better.

IWG members work from their home country and represent Youth RISE and the needs of young people who use drugs and are affected by drug policy in their region. IWG members, along with the coordinators, take major decisions regarding work plans such as advocacy messages, campaigns, and strategic planning for the network.


General responsibilities of IWG

  • Membership and development of regional executive hub
  • Resource development and regional representation:
  • Advocacy and communication
  • Participation in conferences/representing the network
  • Develop and implement regional projects

Specific roles of the IWG

IWG members will be specified with individual roles at the start of their IWG term. These roles may take several hours per month and it will essential that if the IWG member commits to this role, they must fulfill the tasks. Failure to do so may result in them being removed from their position on the IWG and being replaced by someone who can fulfill those tasks.

This may include one of the following roles:

  • Social media
  • Website maintenance
  • Communication with the network
  • Producing Youth RISE’s monthly newsletters
  • Arranging and taking minutes of Youth RISE’s monthly IWG meetings

How to Apply

For more information, visit Youth RISE Jobs.