Call for Applications: Mama Cash Grant 2016 (For Organizations and Initiatives)

Call for Applications: Mama Cash Grant 2016 (For Organizations and Initiatives)

Deadline: May 31, 2016

Mama Cash is now open for applications from feminist groups and organizations. Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and women’s rights organisations and initiatives led by and for women, girls and trans* people. They believe in your collective power and ability to change the world. They want to support the revolutions you are creating.


Mama Cash was the first international women’s fund in the world. Today, we fund and support women’s rights initiatives around the globe that challenge the root causes of injustice. Activists and donors join with Mama Cash to advance social change that starts with gender equality and respect for the human rights of everyone.

Thematic Areas

Mama Cash focuses on three broad thematic areas

  1. Body
  2. Money
  3. Voice

Mama Cash Support

Mama Cash provides step-up support to a select number of women’s funds. Step-up support includes:

  • financial support to help women’s funds progress to a new stage of development
  • partnering to develop policies, procedures, best practices, and to build local donor communities
  • collaborating to share learnings and fundraising strategies
  • using Mama Cash funding to leverage new income from non-women’s fund donors

Selection Criteria

Open to feminist groups and organizations who are not current grantee-partners.

Mama Cash supports groups and initiatives that:

  1. Work from a feminist and/or women’s rights perspective
  2. Are self-led by the women, girls and/or trans* people they serve
  3. Have the promotion of women’s, girls’ and/or trans* people’s human rights as their primary mission, and not just as the focus of part of their programmes
  4. Push for structural and fundamental change
  5. Focus on issues that are under-addressed and/or contested
Mama Cash prioritises groups and initiatives that:
  • Have an annual budget below 200,000 euros
Mama Cash may partner with larger groups through our Accompaniment portfolio (formerly known as our Strategic Partnerships Portfolio) but will not prioritise providing financial support to them through our thematic portfolios (Body, Money and/or Voice)

How to Apply

For more information, visit Mama Cash Grant