Call for Papers: World Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue” 2016

Call for Papers: World Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue” 2016

Deadline: July 10, 2016

Submit papers for the World Youth Forum “Right to Dialogue” 2016. The World Youth Forum 2016 focuses on the topic “Work/labor”, considered from different points of view: in the economic perspective, as a function of the productive processes; in the cultural perspective, as a function of a specific way to conceive such processes; finally as human labor: the worker beyond the work.

All interested are invited to present their own proposals within the suggested fields of discussion, or to present different topics / panels (within the given general theme) bringing their own local experiences, views and inputs from different scientific fields in a transdisciplinary perspective (economics, social sciences, history, psychology, arts, cultural studies, political science).

Fields of Discussion

The following fields of discussion are suggested:

  • Values;
  • Work between culture of wealth and culture of well-being, histories;
  • “Global” work;
  • New poverties: loss of work


  • Selected speakers are strongly advised to purchase travel tickets on their own;
  • The Forum’s organization will provide a 4 nights accommodation (lodging only) for the speakers;
  • The organization will contribute to the travel expenditure the speakers will have to bear, upon presentation of the travel documents (flight, train, bus tickets, boarding passes, etc.) by the speakers themselves;
  • The amount of the reimbursement won’t exceed 90% of the expenditure, neither it will exceed, in any case, 400 € per person.


  • Open to young adults aged 18 to 35, without distinction as to nationality;
  • The Forum works will be conducted both in Italian and in English; simultaneous translation from/to both languages will be provided.

Application Process

  • Please fill out online application form.
  • Those interested must open the online form, by clicking on the button below, and then fill it, either in English or in Italian. Subscriptions presented otherwise won’t be taken into consideration;
  • As, among the informations required in the form, there’s a self-presentation (500 characters max.) and, only for speakers, title (120 characters max.) and abstract (1500 characters max.) of the paper the candidate intends to present, for practical purposes we strongly advise to prepare such texts in advance, then to check their length and then to copy/paste them into the form;
  • Once the form is sent, it will be automatically archived by the system. However, shortly after the submission the organization will give each candidate a feedback via mail about the form’s reception and its correct compilation.

For more information, visit World Youth Forum.