Ernst Mach Grants 2017/18 for Researchers

Ernst Mach Grants 2017/18 for Researchers

Deadline: March 1, 2017

Applications are being accepted for the Ernst Mach Grants for the 2017/18 Academic year. The grant supports postgraduates, PhD holders or Post Doctoral candidates in the following fields: Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Human Medicine, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. The grant is funded by OeAD-GmBH/ICM on behalf of and financed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW). The grant would last for a period of 1 to 9 months.


  • Monthly grant rate :
    • for graduates: 940 EUR
    • for graduates with a PhD degree: 1,040 EUR
  • Accident and health insurance, accommodation
    • If necessary, the OeAD-GmbH will take out an accident and health insurance on behalf of the grant recipient.
    • The OeAD-GmbH will endeavour to provide accommodation (student hall of residence or flat) for recipients of grants who wish to get accommodation arranged by the OeAD. Monthly costs: 220 to 470 EUR (depending on how much comfort the recipients of grants want). An administration fee of 18 EUR per month is payable to the OeAD-GmbH for arranging accommodation.
    • The costs for insurance and accommodation have to be paid out of the grant by the recipient of the grant.
  • Recipients of grants are exempted from paying tuition fees.
  • Recipients of grants from non-European developing countries will also receive a travel costs subsidy of 730 EUR maximum.


  • Grant is open to:
    • Postgraduates pursuing a doctoral/PhD programme outside Austria; candidates have to prove that they pursue doctoral/PhD studies.
    • Postgraduates and post-docs wishing to pursue research in Austria with a view to an academic career and who completed their studies (at a university outside Austria) after September 30th, 2014;
    • Post-docs who are working as lecturers at a university outside Austria. Candidates have to prove that they are employed by a university.
  • Applicants must not have studied/pursued research/pursued academic work in Austria in the last six months before taking up the grant.
  • The maximum age for candidates is 35 years (born on or after Oct. 1st, 1980).
  • Good knowledge of German, particularly in the respective subject area, is a prerequisite. For projects to be carried out in English a good knowledge of English in the respective subject area is required.

Application Process

The following documents have to be uploaded with the online application:

  • Two letters of recommendation by university lecturers (for these letters of recommendation no specific form is required; they must contain the letterhead, date and signature of the person recommending the applicant and the stamp of the university / department and must not be older than six months at the time of application.);
  • Consent of a lecturer at the Austrian target university to supervise the applicant academically;
  • Scanned copy of your passport (page with the name and photo);
  • Scanned copy of your university graduation certificate of your diploma, master, PhD or doctoral studies;
  • Only for PHD-students: confirmation, that proves your participation in a PhD-program at your home university.
  • Only for Postdoc-lecturers: confirmation that proves your employment at your home university.

For more information, visit Ernst Mach Grants.