Apply for the Activist Ashram 2017

Apply for the Activist Ashram 2017

Deadline: April 10, 2017

The Rules (/TR) is accepting applications for the 2017 cohort of its solidarity network for community organisers, the Activist Ashram. The Ashram was started in 2016 with the aim of bringing together community organisers, educators, writers and artists to examine how various struggles are connected as part of a global system of oppression, while remaining grounded in local action. This year, 12 fellows from around the world will join the Ashram. Over the course of 12 months, they will share with each other their experiences of their respective struggles, their wisdom and organising tactics.

About The Rules

The Rules is a worldwide network of activists, artists, writers, farmers, peasants, students, workers, designers, hackers, spiritualists and dreamers, linking up, pushing the global narrative in a new direction. They focus on five strategic areas that are in desperate need of radical reform: Money, Power, Secrecy, Ideas and The Commons. They work with social movements, community leaders, cultural players, and everyday people with common adversaries and common goals. They explore world-changing ideas, dig up dirt on corporations and corrupt CEO’s, hurl metaphysical stones at governmental and societal repression, and offer material support to emerging movements and spontaneous activist fissures, wherever they occur. Their goal is nothing short of a tomorrow that is wholly unrecognisable from today, a world as beautiful as we can imagine.


Fellows will be provided with the following:

  • Two opportunities to convene in-person with the Ashram community. The first, the Ashram ‘opening circle’, takes place in Athens, Greece from 14 to 21 July, 2017;
  • A monthly online forum co-curated by /TR and Ashram fellows;
  • Opportunities to harness collective resources, networks and skills in media, art direction, technology, movement and fundraising strategies;
  • A de-schooling programme that is co-created with the fellows and centered around:
    • A constellational worldview: seeing how all oppression is connected as well as exploring where the key acupressure points are in the neoliberal system;
    • Enhancing messaging capabilities, including exploring the use of memetics, public art and big data;
    • Building a tactical repertoire, which includes sharing organising tactics and strategies, engaging people’s power, and understanding tech security;
    • Exploring a more holistic activism, including meditation, yoga, ayurveda and other forms of self-care;
  • A modest quarterly monetary award for one year.


  • Open to community organisers, educators, writers, activists and artists;
  • Applicants can be from anywhere around the globe.

Application Process

Interested applicants are to apply here.

For more information, see FAQ or visit Activist Ashram.