Call for International Design Competition: Ghost Projects 2017

Call for International Design Competition: Ghost Projects 2017

Deadline: April 27, 2017

The Ghost Project is an international platform for talents in the area of design concepts and product design. Starting as a small local exhibition of unexecuted projects in 2006, Ghost Project has grown to one of the largest regional reviews of design talents from around the world, enhancing the exchange between designers from different cultural backgrounds and giving unique insight into upcoming generation of designers who will be shaping our future.

Under the slogan “THE NEW NOMADS”, Ghost Project 2017 calls for young designers to share their vision on how prompt design interventions can improve lives of people on the move, be their mobility deliberate or forceful, and enable them to make a new place their home. They are looking for innovative design solutions for multifunctional domestic objects, mobile workplace units, learning tools on the move, portable street shelters, transformable public space furniture, adjustable environments, sustainable life concepts for the nomads of our times, balancing the eternal human need for freedom of movement with sense of belonging.

Everyday commuting and transportation, intense tourist influx to global destinations, massive ecological, economic and war-instigated displacements of people across the entire continent are becoming inevitable challenges of our times. At the same time, mobility remains the ultimate ideal of creative people’s freedom and independence, inspiring visions of objects, spaces, services and technological solutions that support nomadic way of living.


The award includes:

  • Participation in the central talent exhibition of Mikser Festival – Ghost Project 2017;
  • Participation in public presentation of the winner’s work at the international Design Marathon – Portfolio reviews with mentors from the design field;
  • Active participation in one of the festival Creative workshops* run by mentors who are renown international professionals coming from various fields of creative disciplines;
  • International Jury made of respectful professionals, guests of the Mikser Festival, will award the best projects with special recognitions in several product categories which will be announced at the Mikser Awards Ceremony, on the last day of the festival, May 28, while all participants of the Ghost Project exhibition “The New Nomads” will receive the participation certificate.
  • Recipients  of the Mikser Award who are coming from the Balkans will be able to join the second round of the Young Balkan Designers Competition 2017 and pitch their ideas to five respectable furniture manufactures based in the Balkans.
  • All participants of the Ghost Project 2017 exhibition will have free access to public sessions of the festival programs and free access to all music performances*.

*Detailed program of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and concerts of the Mikser Festival will be announced at the beginning of May 2017


  • Competition is open to all persons aged 35 years and younger, from all over the world;
  • Applicants may be individuals or groups of creators. Each applicant may submit more than one entry. When submitting online applications, applicants may submit concepts, sketches and 3d images, but if selected for the exhibition, they must provide functional prototypes of the winning designs.

Project Submission

Applicants are able to register and submit their projects by filling in the online application at until April 27, 2017 at midnight. The jury will announce the winners whose projects will be featured in the Ghost Project 2017 Exhibition on May 1, 2017. The Ghost Project exhibition takes place from 25 – 28 May 2017 within the Mikser Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. The Mikser Festival Awards Ceremony will be held on the last day of the Ghost Project exhibition at the Mikser Festival 2017, May 28 in the evening.

For application and more information, visit Ghost Projects 2017.