Mohi Badr from Egypt selected for Canvassity Pan Africa Democracy Fellowship!

Mohi Badr from Egypt selected for Canvassity Pan Africa Democracy Fellowship!

We are delighted to receive a heart-warming letter from an Opportunity Desk user, Mohi Badr all the way from Egypt! Mohi Badr got selected to take part in Canvassity Pan African Democratic Fellowship 2017. He shares his experiences during the fellowship program, the lessons he learnt and the skills he acquired.

Here is what he has to say!

My name is Mohi Badr and I am an Egyptian with a deep passion for traveling, exploring other cultures and participating in international Youth conferences and programs. My chief aim being self-improvement and growth in different aspects of my life.

Mohi Badr During the Canvassity fellowship

Mohi Badr During the Canvassity fellowship

In November last year, as I was searching for opportunities on the website, I came across a call to participate in CANVASSITY Pan Africa 2017 Fellowship which was to held in Lagos in February 2017. I made my application and was thrilled to be selected by Young Stars Foundation for the fully-funded fellowship.

During the fellowship, I gained extremely useful, stunning and vibrant life experiences from other participants from ten different African countries who were all passionate about development and social change in their respective communities.

Mohi Badr at The Nigerian National Museum

Mohi Badr at National Museum

During the fellowship, I got introduced to a series of activities. I acquired profound knowledge about unique methods of contacting and engaging with elected representatives and government officials to improve life patterns of its citizens. I am committed to sharing the knowledge I acquired to more than forty people in my local community who were unable to attend the fellowship.

When the fellowship came to an end, I had three more days in Nigeria, and I used this chance to explore different places in Lagos including the Nigerian National Museum. I interacted with the locals, ate in their restaurants, attended stunning African parties and festivals and visited their worship places.


The CANVASSITY Pan Africa Democracy Fellowship strengthened my leadership capacity. I am now able to contribute to positive change in my country. It is one of the experiences which will always linger in my mind as it shaped my character and changed my perspective about life. It was a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Congratulations Mohi Badr!

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