Apply for The Noel Buxton Trust Grant 2017

Apply for The Noel Buxton Trust Grant 2017

Deadline: Ongoing

Applications are open for the Noel Buxton Trust Grant 2017. The Trust would welcome applications that enable successful practical solutions to be replicated or that aim to bring about relevant policy change through effective advocacy. They would also welcome applications that demonstrate a commitment to strengthening community based organisations and ensuring the voice of poor and marginalised women and men are properly heard and respected.

Trustees would like to focus their limited funds on economic development rather than service provision. Trustees favour work such as small business support and training, and microfinance in both urban and rural settings. Applications in support of initiatives that are building sustainable futures in the semi-arid areas of Africa are especially welcome. Trustees also welcome appeals that support and protect street children, and help them find safe and sustainable livelihoods.


  • The maximum grant is £5,000 per year for up to three years.


  • Trustees tend to offer grants to smaller, grass-roots organisations and do not generally respond to appeals from large and well-supported charities;
  • The Trustees welcome applications from diaspora led organisations based and registered in the UK;
  • The Trust is willing to consider direct applications from registered civil society organisations in Africa or UK based charities which might be diaspora organisations based in the UK;
  • The Trustees fund work in Africa. At present they favour projects based in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan. Within these areas, priority will be given to work with communities living in urban slums and semi-arid regions where economic hardship is most extreme;
  • The Trustees would welcome applications from Sahelian countries as long as they can be submitted in English. Applications need to be made in English.

Selection Criteria

Trustees expect to see a strong relationship between the applicant organisation and the community that will benefit from the grant. This is demonstrated when the applicant shows a clear understanding of the economic, environmental and social issues facing the community. Trustees like to see practical ways in which communities will be strengthened by the work they fund and, especially, how women and girls will be empowered.

Your appeal is more likely to be successful if you are able to briefly describe:

  • How you identified the need for your proposal
  • Your track record in doing related work
  • How you will know that your project has benefitted, or will benefit, the communities with whom you work.

Application Process

There is no application form. If you wish to make an appeal please send a short letter (1-2 pages) outlining your case for funding. The appeal should include your charity registration number and the name of the organisation to which cheques should be made payable if different from that at the head of the appeal letter. Please also include:

  • Budget for current and following year
  • Details of funding already received, promised or applied for from other sources
  • Latest annual report / accounts in the shortest available form.

Please send your appeal to:

The Administrator

The Noel Buxton Trust

PO Box 520

Fleet GU51 9GX.

For more information, visit The Noel Buxton Trust Grant.