Apply to become a Nesta New Radical 2018

Apply to become a Nesta New Radical 2018

Deadline: April 29, 2018

Nesta, an organisation in the United Kingdom is searching for the next New Radicals. They are seeking to celebrate people with creative ideas who are putting them into practice, usually well below the radar of media attention. The idea was to create a list that didn’t just celebrate people who were already getting plenty of recognition – but rather a list that could itself be a catalyst for change.

They are asking you to nominate the people and projects who are challenging the status quo and working determinedly for the benefit of their communities and beyond. From giving support to refugees, to ensuring young people and adults have the skills they need, to innovative ways of dealing with mental health or the challenges of ageing, what matters is that the nominees are already making change happen, and have the potential to achieve far more.


  • A nominee can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. In order to make a nomination or be nominated you must be aged 15 or over (where an individual) and be a UK resident or, if an organisation (whether a group of people, company, charity or other legal entity), have a principal business or operating address in the UK;
  • Organisations of all sizes will be considered, ranging from one-person-shows to established companies. However, the project, initiative or company must have been going for at least six months and not in operation before January 2015;
  • Entries must be able to demonstrate evidence of success and sustainability;
  • All entries must be based in the UK and not be primarily motivated by profit.


Nominate an organisation, an individual or yourself, and you could make it on to the list of the people and organisations changing the UK for the better.

You must provide the following information via the application form:

  • A contact name, email address and telephone number for both the nominee and nominator (if both are applicable); and
  • The name of the organisation/ individual nominated, and the name of its relevant service or project (if different) and:
    • A description of what it aims to do and why; and
    • A brief history (for example how did it come about, when, funding, in what kind of setting).

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For more information, visit Nesta New Radical.