Balkan Hackathon Challenge 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria (Over 5,000 Euros in prizes)

Balkan Hackathon Challenge 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria (Over 5,000 Euros in prizes)

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Applications are invited for the Balkan Hackathon Challenge 2018. This June, Balkan innovators interested in information technologies, programming, design, multimedia and marketing will meet in Sofia to create the technological solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing Europe.

Тhe main challenge at the Balkan Hackathon will be the digital divide in all its forms. Ten years ago, the digital divide was about the barriers to getting everyone online. Today, it is no longer only an issue of access to connectivity. The digital divide of the future will include security and the ability to leverage the internet for a broad range of economic opportunities.

As new threat vectors emerge, a security divide will arise between those with the knowledge and resources to protect themselves from cyber threats and those without. The Balkan Hackathon welcomes all who are ready to explore and prototype the solutions that will guarantee the inclusion of all citizens in the digital era, regardless of their income, social situation, geographic location, health, or age.


  • First prize: 5,000 Euro
  • Second Prize: 2,500 Euro
  • Third Prize: 1,500 Euro


  • Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, there will always be coffee and snacks provided in the refreshments corner during the Hackathon;
  • Accommodation have been arranged for two days (June 26 and 27) at a hotel in Sofia. After you register for the Balkan Hackathon, you will receive details about accommodation;
  • Your exciting stay for the event will be taken care of, but it is your responsibility to organize your trip to Sofia.


  • Developers, designers, startup companies, students, and other ICT professionals – anyone with the technical skills, vision for the future, creative ideas and the courage to stand up for them is invited to participate;
  • Individual or team participation is allowed. Teams can have 2-5 members;
  • The event will require intensive cooperation and team work to develop new and innovative solutions within an extremely limited time frame. If you are not developer, you can apply, but keep in mind that you have to develop a working prototype in 24 hours. At least half of your team must have sufficient development skills.


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For more information, visit Balkan Hackathon Challenge.