Westpac Social Change Fellowship 2019 for Australians

Westpac Social Change Fellowship 2019 for Australians

Deadline: August 20, 2018

Applications are open for the Westpac Social Change Fellowship 2019. The Westpac Social Change Fellowship is an opportunity to invest in your capability, knowledge and networks with a view to helping you bring to life your innovative initiative for positive social change in Australia.

The Westpac Social Change Fellowship supports the development of people from any sector with the drive to create better lives for all Australians. 10 Fellowships of up to $50,000 will be awarded to individuals who have the vision and commitment to deliver an initiative that will improve the wellbeing of Australians.

The Fellowship is designed to give recipients time and space to develop the skills, knowledge and networks needed to accelerate their growth as a social innovator. This may involve travel study tours, work experience, research or building stronger connections that will directly enhance their ability to lead positive social change.

Successful recipients will also become valued members of the Westpac 100 Scholars Network.


If your application is successful you will receive up to $50,000. This funding will help you embark on your own bespoke development journey, over a maximum six month period.
The Fellowship could cover:

  • Travel and accommodation costs (overseas and/or domestic)
  • Expenses relating to the experience
  • Reasonable personal expenses
  • Costs for relief in current employment (depending on need)

Beyond the Fellowship, you will also have lifelong support through the Westpac 100 Scholars Network, where you will gain access to invaluable networking, learning and development opportunities.


  • You are an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You are over the age of 18
  • You are applying for funds to build your capability, skills, experience and connections to deliver social change
  • You are already leading an initiative to improve the wellbeing of Australians at a local, state or national level
  • You have the support of the community that your initiative is seeking to benefit
  • You have a keen desire to share ideas with others, to be challenged, to be inspired


They are looking for individuals who:

  • Have a particular set of qualities that sets them apart from others.
  • Have generosity of spirit and a strong desire to give back to Australia.
  • Have commitment to their country’s broader social purpose, to create equal opportunity and better lives for all Australians, is reflected in their work and their actions.


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For more information, visit Westpac Social Change Fellowship.