Agrifi Kenya Challenge Fund 2018/2019 (Up to 6,000,000 Euros)

Agrifi Kenya Challenge Fund 2018/2019 (Up to 6,000,000 Euros)

Deadline: November 26, 2018

Applications are open for the Agrifi Kenya Challenge Fund 2018/2019. The AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund is a European Union initiative to support productive and market-integrated smallholder agriculture through the provision of financial support to agri-enterprises.

The aim is to contribute to improvements in the capacity of smallholder farmers/pastoralists to practise environmentally sustainable and climate-smart agriculture as a business in inclusive value chains. The Challenge Fund is funded by the European Union and co -funded by SlovakAid and is implemented in parallel with a planned European Investment Bank (EIB) facility provided to local banks. Self Help Africa and Imani Development Limited are the Fund Managers for the programme.


  • The first call for proposals targets to award Euro 6 million to 15 projects in total at an average of Euro 375,000 per project.


  • The fund supports projects put forward by small and medium sized agri-enterprises with business models that are integrating smallholder farmers/pastoralists into value chains;
  • The agri-enterprises need to demonstrate how they are benefitting smallholder farmers/pastoralists. This may be through the establishment of a new activity or expansion of existing activities in specific or all nodes of the value chain;
  • Applying agri-enterprises must be duly incorporated in Kenya as a company or a cooperative;
  • Must be compliant with all national and local laws and regulations including but not limited to tax regulation, health and safety and environmental standards;
  • Must be a for-profit entity; not-for-profit organisations and government bodies are not eligible to apply as lead applicants. However, they can contribute to projects as co-applicants;
  • Must be willing and able to at least match the sum of financial support requested to fund the activities of the proposal through a blend of cash and cash equivalents, credit or equity from own or third-party sources;
  • Must provide evidence in the project proposal of current or future integration of smallholder farmers/pastoralists in existing or new value chain(s) in the project’s areas;
  • The business must have at least three (3) years of uninterrupted operations with a focus on any or a combination of the thematic areas of the AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund program;
  • Must have a yearly turnover in the range of EUR 200,000 to EUR 50,000,000;
  • Must have an asset base of less than EUR 43,000,000;


  • Download call guidelines and questions for the AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund
  • Register and start application in AfriCUBE
  • Fill all required details on the application form
  • Submit project concept note on AfriCUBE

For more information, visit Agrifi Kenya Challenge Fund.