Apply for the Oxford Law and Policy Fellowship 2019 (Salary up to £26,000)

Apply for the Oxford Law and Policy Fellowship 2019 (Salary up to £26,000)

Deadline: February 1, 2019

Are you are looking for your next challenge, or planning a wholesale career move? Become an Oxford Policy Fellow for a unique opportunity to apply your legal knowledge within an international development context.

The Oxford Policy Fellowship is the start of an exciting new chapter in your career. It opens the door to a career with a range of international agencies, NGOs, development consultancies and governmental organisations. The Oxford Policy Fellowship contributes to improving the legal capacity and institutional effectiveness of government partners.

Fellowship Responsibilities

Fellows will be asked to perform a variety of tasks while in their post, some technical, some administrative. Examples of the types of work expected of the Fellow include the following:

  • Coordinating and supporting various specialist consultants that may be providing advice to the Ministry;
  • Analysing complex contracts;
  • Contributing to procurement processes and contract management;
  • Drafting contracts, memoranda of understanding and regulations;
  • Providing inputs to drafting Public Private Partnership (PPP) policies, and conducting research on possible accompanying legal frameworks;
  • Facilitating capacity building in areas requested by the Ministry and where you observe clear gaps: from providing training or tools on how to review complex commercial contracts to side-by-side learning achieved through team work (e.g. working with colleagues to utilise track changes function in Word or refining drafting and formatting skills);
  • Assisting with Environmental Impact Assessments, particularly relating to disputes and appeals;
  • Providing support to Ministerial teams that are negotiating and implementing agreements, including: a) regional harmonisation agreements, laws, and policies, b) international environmental agreements (e.g. climate change and biodiversity), c) investment agreements with the private sector, d) bilateral agreements with other governments;
  • Acting as a liaison between the Ministry and other government departments and line ministries;
  • Assisting on advocacy and information dissemination on legal aspects pertaining to line ministry activities;
  • Reviewing existing policies and proposed legal instruments or tools to support the Ministry in their implementation;
  • Providing ad hoc legal advice to the Minister, PS and directors in response to both internal and external requests;
  • Providing technical drafting input to a range of legislative instruments including laws, regulations, and ministerial orders and well as contracts and memorandums of understanding;
  • Undertaking sector-specific legal research and analysis, often of a comparative nature, to inform policy development and or legislative drafting (e.g. regarding pharmaceutical sector reform, or regulation of private schools).

Remuneration & Accountabilities

  • In all cases, the Fellow will be accountable to their host Government ministry and their line manager in Government. In all cases Fellows will be expected to contribute to the Fellowship’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework through regular reporting procedures.
  • Inclusive of contributions from host Ministries, Fellows will receive a total salary of £26,000 a year, plus a housing allowance and, airfare to and from the posting.


  • Open to outstanding candidates who have a demonstrable interest and some work experience in law and/or policy;
  • Relevant work or voluntary experience in a developing country; and strong computer skills;
  • Depending on the specific post for which you are applying, a law degree, an LLM, a Masters in Law, a Masters in Public Policy, or a related field will be required;
  • You must also be willing to commit to a two-year posting in any of the participating countries.


A completed application form and all other required documentation should be emailed to [email protected] by February 1, 2019 at 12 noon (GMT), please submit all required documentation in one email.

For more information, visit Oxford Policy Fellowship.