Call for Mentor Institute: Alliance HPSR Embedded Implementation Research for Immunization in Ethiopia 2019

Call for Mentor Institute: Alliance HPSR Embedded Implementation Research for Immunization in Ethiopia 2019

Deadline: February 15, 2019

The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research is seeking an in-country mentorship institute for their joint initiative on Embedded Implementation Research for Immunization in Ethiopia. The mentorship institute will provide technical mentorship in implementation research to local research teams, and local organizational facilitation and administration of all aspects of the initiative.

The Specific tasks of the Mentor Institution:

  • Under the oversight of the steering committee, develop and issue a call for research proposals for in-country teams, arrange transparent review and selection of proposals for funding support
  • Make subgrants to the selected research teams for undertaking the research
  • Facilitate local ethics review and approval
  • Provide technical assistance to research teams and quality assurance in development of a preliminary research protocol, final research protocol after review, data collection, analysis, writing up, dissemination and utilization of research findings
  • Monitor the implementation of research grants ensuring timely compliance with all deliverables. Make regular progress reports to the steering committee on process, outcomes, challenges and recommendations for improvements
  • Deliver at least one protocol development workshop and one dissemination workshop at national and/or regional level, including arranging logistics and local travel, invitations, developing the agenda and programme, recording minutes and preparing reports of the workshops
  • Prepare relevant background materials and session presentations and support the steering committee in delivery of all technical aspects of the workshops
  • Support research teams to translate research findings into a project report, recommendations, policy briefs and presentations.
  • Deliver and edit a series of articles or a special issue of a journal, including making an agreement with a suitable journal, supporting preparation and submissions of manuscripts by the grantees, writing an editorial, and convening a team of co-editors from the steering committee


  • The maximum amount of funding available from the Alliance will be US$ 275,000. No further funding will be provided by the Alliance within and beyond the project period. The activities will be implemented from 2019-2020 and the end date should not exceed December 31, 2020.


Mentor Institutions should have

  • Demonstrable experience of leadership of the public health community in Ethiopia (essential) and globally (desirable);
  • Strong reputation and experience in health systems and implementation research and in research mentorship;
  • Administrative capacity to issue and manage subgrant contracts to research teams in Ethiopia;
  • Track record of working with the government on issues relevant to the call;
  • Experience of service on government boards or committees on topics of relevance (desirable).

The selection committee will also consider how the proposal responds to the following additional factors:

  • Value for money
  • Monitoring and evaluation of this programme of work


Submissions of bids should be made at [email protected] Please use the subject: WHO Bid Ref. Call for a Mentor Institute (Ethiopia).

Submissions of not more than 5 pages should include the following:

  • Name of the bidding institution including contact details and name of a key contact person.
  • Motivation for applying: how this work fits in with the bidder’s expertise and aligns with current areas of work in teaching and training in implementation research
  • Composition of the proposed team: names, expertise, function in institution, gender, and role in team and experience relevant to the call. CVs may be included as an annex to the submission
  • Description of a two-year plan based on the outlined specific tasks of the regional institute and the selection criteria outlined
  • Itemized budget for two years based on the specific tasks outlined. This call will not fund equipment or support for hiring new permanent teaching staff

For more information, visit Alliance HPSR.